Top 3 Mattress Stores in Calgary

Top 3 Mattress Stores in Calgary

Choosing a good quality mattress is an incredibly important household matter that many people pay a lot of attention to. On average, there is a lot of research, consultations, and education that goes into making the perfect choice for quality sleep. 

Research shows that people usually sleep much more than they are aware of. On average, a person spends almost ⅓ of their life sleeping or trying to fall asleep. Thinking about it this way helps understand why this choice should be approached with a lot of attention to detail.

Good sleep means much more than just being rested and ready for work the next day. Poor sleep has grave repercussions on physical and psychological well-being, which is why the quality and/or characteristics of the mattress you sleep on make a substantial difference. 

With a lot of options to choose from, let’s take a look at the best stores available in Calgary. Listed below you will also find their addresses, contact numbers, and websites.

Mattress Mattress

This store provides a mass amount of products. Imagine anything from quality products to low prices and education on all things necessary to make a good purchase. 

With the excellent value of mattresses, you will be impressed with the specifics of the offer as well as with an impeccable shopping experience, expert advice, and excellent prices that can fit into any budget. It is possible to test and shop, making it a relaxed shopping experience. Most of all, you will be advised by experts while deciding.

Shopping at this store will give you free access to Beducation, giving you not only a useful buying experience but also one that is filled with expert knowledge on the topic that is useful in the future – for you or the people around you. 

Address: 1221 73 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2X1
Phone contact: (403) 255 0021

Sleep Boutique

This interesting place offers a huge amount of various products. It is centered around the idea of providing mattresses that can be completely suited to meet your wants and needs. 

Another pivotal point in their offer is the claim that they intend to sell you a mattress that will last long. When they say long, they mean for a lifetime. Close attention is paid to your individual preferences, while not budging on the quality of the offer or expert advice. 

If you want to make a specific mattress purchase that is not available in other stores you have already checked out, this one might be worth considering. It claims that its products are customizable and that each shopping spree is an experience, not an event. 

Address: 5423 61 Ave SE #160, Calgary, AB T2C 5N7

Phone contact: (403) 287 1960


XLNC Furniture Store 

This place offers quality mattresses that will perfectly fit into any contemporary home. It emphasizes the seamless mix of aesthetic products that are also high in quality. Here you can find an array of offers that can meet all budgets while maintaining quality.

If you are searching for a specific style of mattress that can live up to your interior design expectations, give this store a try. Keep a lookout for their special occasion discounts. These discounts happen quite regularly, making it possible to purchase the product of your dreams at an even lower price. 

While you might be there for mattresses, nothing is stopping you from looking around for a variety of products including those for other rooms in your home. The options are endless. 

Address: 2020 32 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6T4

Phone contact: (403) 291 9562



This top three list offers excellent and reputable mattress stores in Calgary that will have your bedroom furnished with a sturdy, durable, high-quality, and stylish mattress. 

We highly recommend you do your research on personal preferences and priorities when it comes to making the final decision. Take a look into existing online reviews to decide where you want to make this important purchase that will have you sleeping better than ever.

Do not fall for the feeling of pressure to immediately purchase your first visit to the store. Do your research and testing before making a final call.


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