Full Bed Size | What are the Full Bed Dimensions?

Looking for a full bed size or full mattress dimensions?  The full-size mattress is also known as the double mattress. It was one of the most popular sizes for couples before the 1950s when the Queen size mattress was introduced. The fall in popularity of the double size bed can be attributed to the puritanical views on sex and sleeping together that was pushed by Hollywood following the war, as well as the introduction of larger mattress sizes that offered more room and flexibility. Despite its lack of popularity, the double size, or full size, mattress makes up around 5% of all mattress sales. Is a full-size mattress the size you need?

Full Bed Size | What are the Full Bed Dimensions?

Full Bed Size

The full-size mattress measures up at 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. This puts it at about six inches narrower than the Queen Size bed and five inches shorter. It offers more room than a twin size mattress and may be ideal if you sleep spread out. Although previously used by couples, we recommend a Queen size mattress if you sleep with a partner. The full-size mattress is large enough to comfortably sleep a single person.


The full-size mattress has a number of benefits over other mattresses. Here are a few things to consider:Size: The Full-size mattress is larger than a twin bed, making it good for those that like to spread out or have outgrown a twin size bed. It is also smaller than a Queen size bed, meaning it will fit in a smaller room if that is a concern.Price: Because the mattress is smaller, full-size mattresses are also generally cheaper to buy and cheaper to shop for. Since bedding is less expensive, this mattress is a cheaper investment than a Queen size mattress.Weight: Full-size mattresses, due to their smaller size, are lighter than Queen size mattresses. This makes it easier to relocate if you decide to reorganize the bedroom, or if you are moving to a different home. 


Despite having the edge over Twin size mattresses in size, and over the Queen size mattress in price, the Full-size mattress falls short in a few areas. It’s important to note these items to determine what size mattress you need.Not great for couples: Although the Full-size mattress is wider than a Twin size mattress, it isn’t ideal for couples to sleep in regularly. Depending on the size of the people sleeping in the bed, it can be cramped and uncomfortable for two people to share. We recommend a Queen size mattress or larger for couples.Fewer options: The Full-size mattress is becoming less popular, meaning that bedding and accessories are becoming more scarce. Although bedding is cheaper, you may need to do some searching to find the accessories you want for your bed


Full-size mattresses fill a niche role in the mattress market. They are ideal for single occupants that want a little extra space to stretch out at night. They are cheaper and more easily moved than Queen size mattresses, but fall short when it comes to satisfying the sleeping needs of couples. If you believe that you need a Full-size bed, consider buying one from us at Gotta Sleep. If you’re still looking for your ideal size, check out our articles on the King and Queen size mattresses!

Here is a list of the different mattress sizes available in the US and Canada, to really speed up your search.


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