RV Mattresses – Sleep with Comfort

RV Mattresses – Sleep with Comfort

There is no denying that sleep is an incredibly important aspect of life. Most daily tasks are highly dependent on the hours and the quality of sleep that we get. This is why investing in a good mattress is often far more important than what we would expect at first thought. 

If you have been looking into RVs, whether as an owner or a renter, you might have found yourself worrying over the space and quality of sleep that you can get and provide. The times of uncomfortable mattresses and sleepless nights in RVs are now a thing of the past. 

The fact is that everyone wants the best possible sleep they can get. This is why investing in a high-quality RV mattress is a justifiable cost. Forget about lumpy, uncomfortable, hard, and pain-inducing mattresses, as the market now offers a broad choice of beds to choose from.

Types and sizes of RV mattresses 

These mattresses come in a variety of shapes, forms, and levels of comfort. There are several different RV mattresses available on the market. These include sofa beds, bunk beds, convertible dinettes, bed ends, overhead bunks, air mattresses, folding chairs, collapsible bunks, and more. The choice depends on the space and budget available to you. 

However, regardless of your mattress choice, you still have a variety of options for an easy and partial upgrade. If you are comfortable with what you are sleeping on but are just thinking of adding a layer of comfort, you will most likely want to look at mattress pads, foam toppers, as well as anti-fatigue mats. 

The standard sizes of US RV mattresses mainly run in the following sizes, those being the RV Twin, Bunk Bed, Trunk Bed, Three Quarter, RV King, RV Queen, as well as RV Double. 

However, there are additional sizes available for your consideration. Regarding weight, you will usually be looking at mattresses running up to 10 inches in thickness. 

The most common RV size for a bed is 60’’ x 75’’, making it also the easiest to find. If you are working with a particular size outside of these, custom-sized mattresses are also available. However, some sizes have to be ordered and are not easily available in stores.

How to choose a good RV mattress

While shopping for your next bed, make a list of characteristics you want your bed to have. Consider the material, consider softness, mold resistance, weight, and more. 

If you won’t be renting your RV, you can freely focus on meeting your needs. However, if you will be renting, then look at the most common general preferences of your target audience. 

For example, the most used material for these types of beds is foam as they are generally affordable. If you prefer to sleep at a cool temperature, the foam will not be the choice for you. Another type is the body-adaptable memory foam. 

Similar to plain foam, this one is more lightweight but still solid. Gel memory foam, on the other hand, will come in handy in hot climates as it prevents overheating and keeps you cool. Weight and height are two equally important factors. Weight is particularly important as it affects the total weight of your RV, while height is key for leaving enough room for comfort. 

Why quality RV mattresses matter 

It is often estimated that most people spend approximately ⅓ of their entire life span sleeping. This roughly means that if you live to see 75, you will have spent 25 years asleep in total.  While this does not ring true for everyone, and some people get much less sleep on average, the physical and psychological benefits of a good night’s sleep are mountainous. 

All of this and more makes quality rest an indispensable component of daily life, with serious effects on health and productivity. Investing in good mattresses and good shoes is equally important – you are always spending time on one or the other. 

In conclusion, make sure you devote enough time and attention to choosing the best RV mattress for you. A variety of mattresses awaits to give you all of the comforts you have been dreaming of on your next journey. With that settled, enjoy your next drive.


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