Hush Classic Weighted Blanket – Science Behind the Cover

Hush Classic Weighted Blanket – Science Behind the Cover

There is always a moment in life when things go wrong, and it just seems a good night’s sleep will make everything. But, as the night falls, the slumber does not come because of the tension during the day. According to Statistics Canada, more than 30% of adult inhabitants in the great white north have insomnia. 

Thousands of articles explain the impact of stress on a good night’s sleep. And yet, many continue to turn around during the night while staying wide awake. However, scientists claim that the Hush Classic Weighted Blanket pressure lowers cortisol levels and reduces stress. 


The Long-Awaited Sleep Never Comes

Insomnia is the most common sleep condition, affecting a considerable percentage of the population on a situational, recurring, or chronic basis. Insomnia is characterized primarily by discontent with sleep and difficulties initiating or sustaining sleep. It is often a cause of significant tension during the daytime. Sleep deprivation often happens when we worry about the things going on in our lives. In turn, we lie down wide awake, staring at the ceiling above. 

There is no exact formula to make you close your eyes and fall asleep. Because all the problems come from the mind, turning everyday life troubles repeatedly in the head. Each one becomes more vivid as the time thinking about them continues. Statistics Canada shared sleep requirements by age for optimal health:

  • nine hours per night for ages between 6 and 13
  • eight hours per night for ages between 14 and 17
  • seven hours per night for ages between 18 and 79


Soft Cotton Hug and a Weighted Blanket as Weapons to Fight Insomnia

However, many people never rest for seven hours in total. One in five Canadians wakes up feeling no better than the previous night. The only possible solution is to do everything to make a room cozy for sleep and tune down the troublesome thoughts. Many people who dislike medications found that using weighted blankets helped combat their anxiety and fall asleep. 


Hush Classic Weighted Blanket from Oeko Tex cotton fabric, certified as non-toxic. A good starting point is to select a weighted blanket around ten percent of body weight. The blanket makes a calm-inducing amount of pressure that may relieve anxiety. 

The mass of the Hush Classic Weighted blanket comes from glass sand that fills the quilted pockets on the inside. The blanket comes wrapped in a duvet cover with a zipper that is soft to the touch. The Hush Classic Weighted Blanket feels like a hug, and the material makes it even more comforting throughout the night. 

The truth is that letting sleep deprivation continue for an extended time can create some severe consequences. Sleep problems are often the last to be discovered and result in weight gain, diabetes and anxiety. The science behind deep touch pressure stimulation in Hush Classic Weighted Blanket makes sense, because as humans, sometimes all we need is comfort.

The majority of mundane problems are part of life. How we perceive the things we do not influence is a decisive factor in sleep patterns. But, making an effort to try Hush classic weighted blankets may relieve the stress of the day. 

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