What’s Covered in our 10 Year Mattress Warranty?

Unlike other online retailers, your mattress comes with a 10 year unlimited repair or replacement warranty.  This covers problems related to workmanship defects or premature foam compression of  1″ or more.

Warranty is exclusive to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred.


The following is a general list of what’s NOT covered under your mattress warranty.

  1. Comfort issues.
  2. Body impressions.
  3. Normal wear and tear.
  4. Stained or soiled mattresses.
  5. Loose threads, pilling or stretching of fabrics.
  6. Accidental damage.
  7. Damage related to abuse such as burns, cuts, or tears.
  8. Exposure to water, or prolonged extreme hot or cold temperature.
  9. Mattresses missing law labels (do not remove).
  10. Use of an improper foundation.
  11. Shipping and handling costs to and from your home.


  1. You must retain a copy of your invoice.  No invoice … no warranty!
  2. As we donate returned mattresses to those in need, you must purchase a mattress protector from us at the time of your mattress purchase.
  3. Do not remove the law label. Your law label contains the date of production and product information which may be required to validate warranty.
  4. Never walk or jump on your mattress. Walking and jumping depressions are easily determined, and will void your warranty.


  1. As we regularly purge our computer files in keeping with Canada’s Privacy Act, you must retain a printed or digital copy of your original invoice to maintain your warranty.
  2. If your mattress is found to be defective, we reserve the right to repair or replace. If defects or damage cannot be determined by review of digital photos, you may be asked to return your mattress to our closest depot.  If a mattress needs to be shipped back for inspection or repair, it must be wrapped in a sealed, airtight plastic mattress bag.

Should you have a warranty issue, your patience is appreciated. Although we try to resolve service issues quickly, it’s not unusual for the warranty process to take 30 days or more from start to finish.