Where Can You Find a Hush Blanket in Canada?

Where Can You Find a Hush Blanket in Canada?

Everyone has heard of Hush weighted blankets and their beneficial effects on stress-induced insomnia. One of the leading Canadian-based companies started in 2018 with the best-selling product – weighted blanket. A Hush blanket is probably the most reviewed item in the field of sleep products. Maybe the research about the blanket is already done, and you have your heart set on buying one, but you don’t know where to start. So we made a shortlist of stores offering Hush blankets and some additional information on the item. 


Canadian Company – Local Shipment

Many people wonder if Hush is a local company and if their blanket comes from Canada. Both answers are – Yes. Hush is a Canadian company founded in 2018 by two partners. Since then, it has developed as one of the leading manufacturers of weighted blankets on the local market. They are shipping the product within 48 hours, and it will take five to seven days before it arrives on the customer’s doorstep. 


Why Hush?

The difference between Hush and other brands is in the quality of the material. In addition, Hush offers a one-year warranty on its products. It means that if a customer experiences any problem within 365 days of purchase, the firm will provide them with a one-time replacement of the original blanket size ordered. 


But the science of the Hush company does not stop there. The cover is made of quality microfiber material and delicate micro glass beads filling. Interestingly, some consumers claim that touching the blanket between the fingers feels comforting. So, according to the company, a 15lbs Hush blanket has positive effects on stress-induced insomnia and can help people relax. 


What Size Hush Blanket Should I Get?

The same rule applies when purchasing blankets for kids and adults. Hush recommends a blanket that weighs 10% of the person’s body weight. However, for couples, the blanket should be 10% of their combined weight. 


Where to Buy a Hush Blanket in Canada?

Hush Blankets are sold on their website, the orders are online, and they have an easy checkout. Recently, the company developed an affiliate program, which means you can buy Hush blankets in several retail stores across Canada.


  • Amazon
  • Walmart Canada
  • Best Buy Canada
  • Mattress Mattress
  • Wholesale Furniture Brokers Canada
  • Linen Chest
  • Upper Room Home Furnishings


The majority of them have online shopping and easy checkout systems. However, if you are tactile and prefer investigating in person, feel free to visit Mattress Mattress. The friendly staff will offer you more information. 


How Much Does a Hush Blanket Cost?

The Hush blanket prices vary based on the dimensions of the blanket. The bigger the size, the cost is higher. Take a look at the Mattress Mattress pricing information for their most popular blankets:


Hush Blankets Price



A hush comes in various weights to fit dreamers of different ages and sizes. There are often discount offers on Hush blankets in other stores. However, the company offers an option to pay four automatic payments over six weeks. There are no additional interests and fees, and the consumer gets the product right away.



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