How Long Does A Mattress Last?


Mattresses have been known to have a long lifespan in order to ensure its consistent use before they need to be replaced. Some mattresses may need replacing than some, due to durability. If the quality of the Mattresses material is material is high, then it should be able to least seven to ten years.

Different Mattress Life Spans

According to our experience here at Gotta Sleep, the average lifespan of mattresses are as follows:

  • Memory foam mattresses typically last 7 years
  • Latex mattresses typically last 8.5 years
  • Innerspring mattresses typically last 5.5 years
  • Hybrid mattresses typically last 6 years
  • Airbed mattresses typically last 8 years
  • Futon mattresses typically last 5.5 years
  • Water mattresses typically last 8.5 years.

What Ensures the Lifespan of your mattress?

– Rate of usage – the more you use your mattress, the less it lasts. The thought of why the mattress in the guest room always lasts longer than the ones you lay on every night. The mattress that is less used lasts longer.  

 Bodyweight – larger body weights put more pressure on mattresses. The smaller a person’s body is, the lesser the pressure applied. A lot of pressure on mattresses causes them to wear out. Lighter bodyweight ensures a longer lifespan.

– Use and activity – the general idea for the use of mattresses is sleeping, but there are other uses aside that; the more they are used, the more they wear out. Other damages and spillages weaken mattresses. The activity for mattresses should be defined. Some turn their beds to their dining tables as well as experiment tables and things like this cause it to wear out faster.

– Maintenance – cleaning your mattresses also improve the lifespan of mattresses. Getting rid of dust mites, bacteria, and even other insects that cause mattresses damages. The cleaner it is the healthier and lasting it becomes.

– Maker and materials – the maker of the mattress matters as through his former works you would know how durable the product will be. Understanding that the materials used need to be of good quality. The firmness of the material is essential, to withstand pressure and the thickness is key to offer overall comfort, the ability to provide proper spinal alignment.

Signs that your mattress maybe be getting weak

– Sagging – a prominent sign that your mattress is already wearing out is sagging. Mattresses are to offer proper support for your back and when it no longer does that but sags instead, it is a sign of wearing out.

– Permanent stains and smells – when children and pets share your bed, accidents are quite expected and you would have to deal with the inevitable mistakes done to your bed. Some of the damages done are sometimes permanent. When the stench stays, the greater idea is to get a new mattress. The stains and smells are quite awful which makes it difficult to keep the mattress.

– Bumps and lumps – mattresses are not meant to be lumpy. Over time, mattresses get lumpy, and to know this, you would have to run your hands along your mattresses and feel to discover rolls and lumps in it. To have a good night’s rest as well as no back aches, don’t endure lumpy mattresses.

– Allergies – allergies or asthma could start acting up due to a large number of dust mites in mattresses that create the basis for that. The amount of times you have kept your mattresses clean does not determine its free status from dust mites.

– Aches and discomfort – when your mattresses begin to cause pains to your body and are not serving the purpose of comfort. They have begun to wear out if they become really uncomfortable. The bedroom is a place of relaxation. Quality mattresses have proven to be essential for good night rests. Your mattress might be responsible for waking up in discomfort.

Ways to make your mattress last long

– Get mattresses of good quality – when the durability of the mattress is strong, this ensures a long lifespan for your mattress. Get a mattress protector for your mattresses, the waterproof products help protect against unexpected spills and even bedwetting. Mattress protectors keep skin cells, dust mites as well as sweat off the product and extends lifespan.

– Clean sheets – your sheets provide you with a barrier that can protect your mattress. The sheets, though not thick soak up sweat and other body fluids. Washing your bed sheets at least once every two weeks can ensure some level of safety to your mattress.

– Avoid breakfast in bed – it is tempting to have breakfasts in bed, watch tv in bed and while doing that, tell yourself the is the life. The crumbs from your snacks can make their way beneath the sheets onto the mattress and nothing good comes out of this.

– Get pets their own beds – there might have been some proven benefits of sleeping on the bed with your pets, compare the benefits to the with a couple of durable factors: shedding, slobber, and accidents. Purchasing your pet its own bed, especially when it is prone to shedding or very hyper. This can increase the chances of a spill or any other type of accident.

– Take measures against bed bugs – take several measures to avoid bed bugs.  It is quite a distress to realize your mattress in bed bug-infested. No one wants to pick up these bugs, but most people neglect ways in which they can be acquired. Try to purchase bug proof mattress casings or encasements. There are several ways to identify the signs of bed bugs; small red stains on the bed sheets mean squished bed bugs, live bugs, the existence of some tiny, pale-yellow eggshells and then small, dark dots that signify excrement.

– Regular inspection of bed frames – several signs prove that bed frames are wearing out; weakening in wooden slats, breaking in slats, worn box springs and separations (excessive) between slats. When your bed rests on a weak foundation, you are allowing the mattress to rest on a compromised frame and this in turn reduces the lifespan. It is advisable to take a close look at your frame and make sure it is not weakened. 

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