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you'll sleep through anything.

The OMG Mattress

Rest, Restore, Rejuvenate.


From $669.99

Canadian Mattress Protector

As close to medical-grade
as you can get. Waterproof mattress protector infused with silver ions. Keeps moisture, heat, and bacteria away.


From $159.99


A good place to rest your head.
Our hypoallergenic pillows feel like down without the allergens. Choose your preferred density and feel the difference.


From $99.99

Buttery-soft comfort for any time of year. Our speciality microgel in two different duvet densities breathes like cotton but keeps you cozy.


Like a Hug

Duvet Cover

The perfect complement to our duvet. Our soft yet protective duvet cover fits our hypoallergenic duvet like a glove.



Pillow Protector

Shield your precious pillow. Our cooling waterproof protectors will shield your pillow from any and all moisture.


We've got your Back
Financing, Free Shipping, Trial, & Warranty

A mattress is a big purchase. It’s an investment in your sleep. That’s why we help to lighten the load. We’re proud to offer financing as low as 0% APR.

What about shipping? It's FREE / NO CHARGE!

Our 10-Year Warranty shows what we believe in. If you’re still not sold, try it with our industry leading 101 DAY & NIGHT TRIAL.

Canadian Made Mattresses
Mattresses in Canada?

The OMG Mattress’ is made in Canada and has cooling graphite and gel which produces a healthier sleep for all body types. The OMG contains CertiPUR-US Certified Foams for safe and sound sleep.

It’s versatile for any space and anyone. From an RV mattress to a senior’s mattress, the OMG reinvents bedtime and helps you snooze soundly. Choose from a variety of mattress sizes to find the perfect fit for dreamy nights.

Mattresses Canada Reviews

Canadian Made Mattresses

After one night of sleeping on the OMG Mattress, my $5,400 latex mattress went into the guest room.

Micaela Wasylik

Back Sleeper

Canadian Mattress Store

The cooling gel and graphite in the OMG Mattress makes for an amazing sleep.

Janine Schroeder

Stomach Sleeper

Canadian Owned and Operated

Whether I'm sleeping on my side, stomach or back, my OMG Mattress keeps me at the right temperature.

Matt Hamill

Side Sleeper

Feel ‘Just Right’ All Night

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The Gotta Sleep Collection.

You'll sleep through anything.