Top 3 Mattress Stores in Edmonton

Top 3 Mattress Stores in Edmonton

Mattresses are an important purchase in every home. With a saturated market, there are a lot of options broadly available in terms of price, comfort, material, weight, height, and more. While they might be an object we don’t pay much attention to regularly, this particular product is long-lasting and very important for your rest, productivity, and health. 

The fact is that it rarely comes as a quick buy. Quite the contrary, buying a mattress involves a lot of research, reading reviews, getting expertise as well as doing some serious budgeting. Moreover, it also includes a lengthy process of testing beds and visiting stores in person. This is why heading right to the best stores available is crucial and time-effective. 

This is why we compiled the list of best stores available in Edmonton to make sure that you save time and money while purchasing a premium quality item that you are looking for. In addition to store characteristics, you will find all the necessary info on location and contact. 

Best Mattress Stores in Edmonton

Without further ado, let’s see what you should keep in mind when purchasing a mattress and what the best stores are in Edmonton. We will explain in detail why they made the top list and what key insights will make you a knowledgeable buyer of this vastly important product.

Mattress Mattress

Looking for a high-quality product with a low price tag and expert advice? Say no more. This place will happily meet your needs. Before matching you with your perfect mattress, you will be given a total run-down of all of the information you need to know to make a good call. 

If you hate being pressured into buying, you will be at ease in this particular store. This place will educate you on beds, and make sure you walk out feeling good about your choice. The best part is – quality mattresses can fit a variety of budgets, regardless of what you are working with. Not to mention, this is a 100% Canadian-owned and run company. 

The Mattress & Sleep Company

This family-owned company is fully focused on comfort. Its goal is to maximize the benefits of sleep, which is why they offer natural and luxury mattresses. This store will give you several options to choose from, primarily in terms of the materials for your mattress. 

You will be happy to find that they ensure several options for easy transport, while not budging on style and high-performing materials for the luxury mattress of your dreams. 

Luxurious Beds & Linens

As the name says, this store is focused on providing you with the world of luxury sleep. This family-owned business is all about using natural and non-toxic materials to ensure that your mattress not only looks good but feels good too. 

It provides a variety of mattresses available to most budgets, while the company team will help you make the right choice with their sleep solution consultations. These consultations won’t run you any additional cost, as they are completely commission-free. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mattress 

The choice of mattress usually boils down to two things: budget and personal needs and preferences. To see what best fits your budget and wish list, you should write down a list of preferences that your ideal bed should have. 

Consider the type of product you are looking for. Memory foam ones are widely available and adapt to your body, which makes them a great choice for people with back pain and those who have any trouble with sleeping due to their spine. Another great aspect of this type is the fact that anyone lying next to you is not going to feel you moving as much. 

Similar to this, you also have foam and gel memory foam ones. Regular foam ones will be a bad choice if you are situated in a warmer climate, while gel memory foam ones will be a perfect choice if the weather is predominantly hot. 

For example, the most purchased mattress is medium to medium-firm. This choice has to do with your sleeping position and what you feel most comfortable sleeping on. This includes checking the temperature you are exposed to, the material you like, the weight you prefer, or the price you are willing to pay. Look at which factors make the biggest difference to you.


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