Best Mattress For Heavy People

Best Mattress For Heavy People

There are many mattresses on the market designed for target demographics. The need of a light sleeper differs from that of a heavy sleeper. Big folks face the challenge of getting a mattress with enough core strength to support their weight. Some other crucial features in a mattress designed for heavy people include firmness, edge support, cooling properties, and comfort. In this article, we have reviewed 10 mattresses that best satisfy the sleep needs of heavy people.

10 Best Mattresses for Heavy People at a Glance

  1. Titan Plus Luxe Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding – Best Overall
  2. DreamCloud Premier Mattress – Best Cooling
  3. Helix Plus Mattress – Best For Heavy People With Back Pains
  4. WinkBed Plus Mattress – Best For Heavy Back Sleepers
  5. Saatva HD Mattress – Best Luxury
  6. Nectar Premier Mattress – Most Comfortable
  7. Titan Plus Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding – Best Firm
  8. Big Fig Mattress – Best For Heavy Stomach Sleepers
  9. Nolah Evolution Mattress – Best For Heavy Side Sleepers
  10. Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress – Best For Couples

1. Titan Plus Luxe by Brooklyn Bedding

Titan Plus Luxe by Brooklyn Bedding

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  • 120-night trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Optional GlacioTex cooling mattress cover
  • Height – 13 inches
  • Available sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, and Split Cal King


  • Improved breathability and airflow
  • Substantial cushioning for the hips and shoulders
  • 1000-pound maximum weight capacity
  • Designed for plus-sized sleepers
  • Comfortable for side, back, and stomach heavy sleepers

The Titan Plus Luxe mattress provides long-lasting and comfortable contouring needed for Plus Size individuals to enjoy sleeping. Plus size and tall people like any other person deserve a good night’s rest. The Titan Luxe Hybrid combines all the advantages of the original Titan Hybrid with greater contouring to accommodate heavy sleepers individually and together with their partners. It is built with considerable support for heavier sleepers in a more conventional medium firmness. Premium, individually wrapped TitanCaliber coils with an 8″ core provide more lift and durability for your mattress.


The Titan Luxe hybrid is an upgrade of the Titan Firm hybrid designed for big people who require more contouring or have partners who are not plus size and enjoy more contouring on the mattress they sleep on. The Luxe hybrid provides excellent edge support and airflow but has a sleep surface that is less firm than the Firm hybrid.

Each layer of this hybrid mattress is engineered with you in mind. For optimal cooling comfort, Titan Plus Luxe features a layer of gel memory foam that resists body imprints. The 2-inch layer of medium firm TitanFlex provides reactive contouring and targeted pressure point relief. This property of the mattress makes it ideal to share the Titan Plus Luxe with your partner. The Energex layer is a transition layer that provides improves contouring and deeper compression support. The core is comprised of 1,032 individually wrapped TitanCaliber coils for ample body support and unparalleled motion isolation. The high-density foam layer at the base of the mattress reinforces the individually wrapped coils during compression. You have the option of a GlacioTex cooling cover that can be sewn to the sleep surface of the hybrid mattress to regulate your body temperature. The GlacioTex cover is cool to the touch and cools you down when you lay on the mattress.

The mattress is available in multiple sizes to meet the needs of a wide range of tall and big individuals.


Contrary to the belief that plus-size individuals must sleep on an extra firm mattress to get the support they need, the Titan Plus Luxe is a medium firm mattress that provides the right amount of pressure point relief. The mattress provides a great balance of firmness and body contouring with targeted pressure point relief. As a heavy sleeper in search of a mattress that will ensure you have a blissful sleep, the Titan Plus Luxe is a superb fit.

The cushioning provided by the Luxe hybrid provides ample support for the back, stomach, and side sleepers. The mattress has enhanced cooling properties as it combines an open coil system with breathable foam layers. The coil system delivers responsive body support and contour while being sturdy enough to support your weight. The perimeter of the mattress is adequately reinforced ensuring great edge support that aids getting in and out of bed. The mattress doesn’t sag and limits motion transfer.

The Titan Plus Luxe has a 120-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty.

2. DreamCloud Premier

DreamCloud Premier

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  • 365-night risk-free trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • 6-layer hybrid design
  • Cashmere Euro top
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Height – 14 inches
  • Available sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King


  • The mattress provides a great balance of firmness and plushness
  • Isolates individual motion and vibrations
  • Cool sleep
  • Relief for pressure points

The DreamCloud Premier is a luxury-firm mattress for people across various body weights and sizes making it a great mattress for heavy sleepers whose partners are within the average weight range. The mattress is a good compromise for sleepers who want firm support and sleepers who enjoy a softer feel beneath them when they sleep. If you are shopping for a mattress that would provide the support you need as a plus-size person but gives you the comfort needed to sleep like a baby, the DreamCloud Mattress just might be the answer you have been searching for. This hybrid mattress employs the use of a coil system, gel memory foam, and a cashmere sleep surface to ensure you stay cool all night long.


The mattress is designed to give you a good night’s sleep such that you wake up springy in the morning ready to conquer your day. The DreamCloud Premier mattress has 6 layers to satisfy your need for a luxurious transformative sleep. The cashmere blend cover provides a soft comfortable feel that provides the comfort you need to fall asleep. The Euro top cradle layer is an inch of high loft memory foam that cradles your body frame. Beneath this layer is a foam support layer that gives the DreamCloud Premier an additional cushion. For premium pressure relief, this mattress has another layer of memory foam for proper body contouring. This layer provides support and relieves pressure areas. A low-motion transfer supportive foam rests against the coil system. This transition foam layer absorbs your stretches and rolls ensuring that your partner’s sleep is not disturbed. The DreamCloud Premier is a 14 inches high mattress with 8.5 inches of individually wrapped coils. The coil layer enhances airflow, isolates motion, and provided the needed support for a refreshing sleep. The innerspring coils rest against a firm base foam layer that provides reinforced support for the coil layer.

The DreamCloud Premier is a hybrid mattress with 6 layers and is available in 6 mattress sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.  The mattress is free from chemicals that are toxic to you as a person and to the environment. The DreamCloud Premier mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and can be used on any bed frame type (foundation, divan bases, traditional frames, adjustable bases, or box springs).


The DreamCloud Premier has a firmness rating of 6.5 giving a good balance between firm and soft. The mattress provides the needed cushioning for heavy side and back sleepers but might not be best for stomach sleepers who need firmer support. The memory foam provides the required body contouring for targeted pressure relief. The mattress is recommended for heavy sleepers who need a balance of firmness and cushioning to get a restful sleep. The coil layer and gel-infused memory layer promote airflow and prevent the accumulation of body heat. The mattress limits motion transfer. If your sleep is easily disturbed by your partner getting in and out of bed, the DramCloud Premier absorbs individual motions ensuring your sleep is uninterrupted.

3. Helix Plus

Helix Plus

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  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 15-year warranty
  • 1000 pounds maximum weight capacity (500 pounds on each side)
  • Hybrid design
  • Height – 13 inches
  • Available sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King


  • Dual cover options
  • Very durable
  • Free US shipping
  • Limited motion transfer

The Helix plus mattress is great for heavy sleepers who want great support yet enjoy the feeling of comfort and softness when they sleep. The Helix plus provides great support for heavy sleepers while providing them the contouring needed for amazing pressure relief. This hybrid mattress combines the strength of coils with the comfort of thick foam layers to create a mattress that satisfies the support, breathability, and comfort requirement of heavy sleepers. The Helix plus also provides great edge support and limits motion transfer making it a good choice for couples. The property of the Helix plus to provide the comfort lightweight sleepers seek makes it a good mattress for inter-weight couples.


The Helix plus is a 13-inch high mattress that is designed for plus size, big, and tall people. The mattress’s construction is durable and resistant to sagging or depressions. The mattress is made of high-density materials foams that provide firm support for heavy sleepers. The Helix plus is a hybrid mattress that incorporates 3 different foam layers for bounce, pressure relief, and support. For maximum support, Helix Plus has a layer of 4-pound foam that provides solid support for heavy sleepers with various sleeping positions. The best contouring is provided by medium-firm memory foam, which works in tandem with the patented Helix Dynamic Foam to adapt to your body shape and speed up recovery. The medium-firm memory foam and Helix dynamic foam provide an ideal exchange for deeper sleep.

With the reinforced coil at the perimeter of the Helix plus, you as a plus-sized person won’t feel like you are falling off the bed when you roll to the side of this mattress. The higher coil unit gives the mattress some level of springiness and cradles your body. The individually wrapped taller coils support sleepers with high BMIs. At the base of the Helix Plus is a foam layer that gives the mattress its foundational stability and longevity. No more hot nights as the Helix Plus overs 2 cover options. Both cover options have cooling properties needed to keep you cool throughout the night. The TENCEL cover is ultra-breathable and made from environmentally friendly Tencel fibers. This cover option is soft with sub-microscopic channels that provide premium moisture wicking. The second cooling option is the GlacioTex Cooling Cover which conducts heat away from the body. The GlacioTex cover has a cool feel that provides instant cooling relief immediately after your body touches the mattress.


The Helix Plus is a heavy sleeper best friend. It provides the firmness and support needed for you but lacking in standard mattresses. With the Helix Plus, tall and big sleepers can wave goodbye to body pains when they sleep. The mattress cover options provide exceptional cooling features that keep you cool and prevent overheating when you sleep.  The reinforced coils at the mattress perimeter held up when sat on providing edge-cutting edge support for heavy sleepers. Sleepers with lower body mass indexes also benefited from the comfort provided by the Helix plus. When you get into bed as a plus-size individual, the mattress has a minimal dip. The memory foam layer molds around your body shape while the 4-pound foam layer balances it out by providing rigid support. The Helix Plus is great for pressure relief irrespective of your preferred sleeping position and has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds on each side. This gives the Helix Plus mattress a great balance between comfort and firmness. The mattress has a medium firm feel and might not be the best mattress choice for heavy sleepers who prefer an extra firm mattress to lay on. Overall, the Helix plus mattress is great for tall and heavy sleepers who enjoy some level of cushion when they sleep.

4. WinkBed Plus

WinkBed Plus

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  • 120-night free trial
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hybrid design
  • Gel-infused Euro-pillow top
  • Tencel cover
  • Motion isolation technology
  • Height – 13.5 inches
  • Available sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King


  • Suitable for couples in different weight ranges
  • Provides premium edge support
  • Has a firmer yet comfortable sleep surface
  • Zoned coils provide targeted pressure relief

The Winkbed Plus is the firmest of the WinkBed mattress and is designed for people weighing 250 pounds or more. The mattress is durable and firm providing you the support needed to get a restful night’s rest. The mattress is resistant to sagging and has a latex layer for improved breathability, support, and durability. The mattress has a good bounce and the zoned support prevents your hips from dipping significantly into the mattress as a back sleeper. For side and stomach sleepers, the WinkBed Plus provides an even distribution of weights taking off pressure from shoulders, hips, and joints. The sleep surface provides ample cushioning for all heavy sleepers.


The WinkBed Plus is constructed with a highly dense foam layer that provides a cushion for your body and protects the mattress from sagging. Of the 4 hybrid WinkBed mattresses, the WinkBed Plus is ultimately designed for persons weighing over 250 pounds. It is extremely durable and gives big persons the support needed with ample plushness so they don’t feel like they are sleeping on a rock. Comfort is key in ensuring a restful sleep.

The high-density foam prevents sagging even under heavier weights. WinkBed Plus has a layer of latex for better support and airflow. The individually encased coils are built to support heavier weights. The lumbar layer provides additional support for your back to relieve you of back pains. A 3-step back relief system soothes your muscles and joints and promotes proper spinal alignment. The mattress disperses heat and is aided by the breathability and airflow of the latex and coil layers. The sleeping area is maximized thanks to the edge support system. The perimeter of the WinkBed Plus is reinforced so that getting in and out of bed is painless. If you lay close to the edge of the bed you won’t get a rolling-off sensation. The SleepCalm Motion Isolation technology used in the engineering of the WinkBed Plus enhances motion isolation promoting uninterrupted sleep.


The pocketed high-grade coils compress independently from each other aiding pressure relief and providing strong support for your body. The mattress has a stabilizing gel layer that significantly limits motion transfer. Sharing a bed with a partner that gets up frequently during the night is no longer a chore using the WinkBed Plus mattress. The mattress provides targeted support most especially towards your lumbar area. The edge of the mattress is firm enough to support you as you get in and out of bed.

The WinkBed mattress enables hot sleepers to sleep comfortably by wicking heat away from the body. This promotes a cooler and more refreshing night’s rest. The Euro top layer is soft, cool to touch, and coupled with the latex layer provides cushioning for side, back, and stomach sleepers. The support coil core gave stomach sleepers a good firmness and bounce back. The mattress can also be used by inter-weight couples.

All materials used in the construction of the WinkBed Plus mattress are durable and safe for you. The mattress cover is safe for children and adults. Like all other WinkBed hybrids, the WinkBed Plus is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1 certified. The mattress offers a 120-night trial and a lifetime warranty.

5. Saatva HD

Saatva HD

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  • 365-night trial
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free in-room delivery and setup
  • Free mattress removal
  • Innerspring hybrid mattress
  • Soft, breathable, hand-quilted mattress cover
  • Zoned support
  • Height – 15.5 inches
  • Available sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, and Cal King


  • Is great for heavy sleepers with lower back and joint pain
  • The combination of open coils, natural latex, and breathable organic cotton cover ensures enhanced airflow

The Saatva HD mattress is a high-grade luxury mattress for heavy people with firmness targeted to provide additional support where it is most needed. This handcrafted mattress is custom-made for each person to give you a mattress that is designed just for you. Made of natural latex that has been treated to remove allergy-causing proteins, the Saatva HD provides superior breathability needed for big people. The innerspring design provides the Saatva HD with a sturdiness that cannot be compared with other common mattresses. The mattress is strong enough to support a maximum of 1000 pounds of weight (500 pounds on each side).


The Saatva HD mattress is a heavy-duty mattress that delivers optimal pain relief. The innerspring hybrid mattress is layered to provide lumbar support and cool comfort for you as you snooze. The Saatva HD is engineered for big individuals and has a plush yet breathable sleep surface. The mattress cover is hand-tufted to prevent body imprints over time. The Saatva HD features a 3-inch Euro pillow top that is quilted with a combination of soft and comfortable fibers. The mattress cover is made of organic cotton that is hypoallergenic and breathable to promote a healthier sleep habit for you. This cover has been treated with Guardin botanical antimicrobial treatment to impede the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. This plush sleep surface is safe, healthy, natural, hypoallergenic, breathable, and comfortable. Beneath the sleep surface of the Saatva HD is a 1.5-inch layer of 5-zone natural latex that provides enhanced support for the lower back region. This layer also has unparalleled pressure-point relief for the hips, shoulders, joints, and bones. For heavy sleepers with lower back pain, the Saatva HD will provide immense relief and support. If you suffer from back or other body pains and you are seeking a mattress that will improve your health, the Saatva HD is an excellent choice.

The 5-pound memory foam provides a hugging sensation and improves your circulation as you lay on the Saatva HD. The dense comfort foam provides your body the support you need as the comfort layer hugs you as you sleep. The innerspring coil system provides better personal body support than traditional coil systems. The coil system features 12.5-gauge tempered recycled steel coils, 17-gauge helical wire, and Lumbar Zone Active Spinal Wire. The recycled steel is strong and durable to support your body weight. The helical wire isolates motion transfer while the Lumbar Zone active spinal wire provides improved support for your lower back. The coil system is supported by a layer of 2-inch high-density hard foam that supports heavier body weight. The edges of the Saatva HD mattress are firm making it easier for you to get in and out of bed. The perimeter of the mattress is encased by a thistle flame barrier that is safe and non-toxic.


When you sleep on the Saatva HD you get a refreshing sleep as the mattress has zoned firmness that distributes supports across your body. There is enhanced support in pressure areas to give you support where it is more needed. Asides from the great support provided by this mattress, the Saatva HD also offers excellent relief for pressure points. Coupled with the memory foam that gives good body contouring the Saatva HD promotes deeper sleep. The natural latex and innerspring coil system give the mattress exceptional breathability that functions to prevent sweaty nights all night long. With the 365-night trial, you have enough time to test out the mattress and be sure it suits you well. If you are prone to getting your sleep easily interrupted by your partner getting in and out of bed the Saatva HD might not be the best choice for you. This 15.5-inch mattress has enough support to keep you from sinking into the mattress and prevent sagging. Saatva combines high-end features and materials to construct a luxurious mattress for heavy sleepers at a good price.

6. Nectar Premier Copper Mattress

Nectar Premier Copper Mattress

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  • 365-night trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free delivery and returns
  • Height – 14 inches
  • Available sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, and Split King


  • Triple action cooling
  • Features quilted cooling cover with copper fibers
  • ActiveCool HD phase change material responds to body temperature
  • Great mattress for back, side, stomach, and combination sleepers
  • Excellent motion isolation

The Nectar Premier Copper Mattress is a 14 inches high mattress that provides immense support for heavy people while promoting cool nights. The all-foam mattress is great for heavy sleepers who tend to sleep hot. If you want a mattress with great cooling features, the Nectar Premier Copper mattress is your best bet. Asides the enhanced cooling feature, this mattress provides support, relief for pressure points, motion isolation, and a good bounce.


The poly-blend top cover with polyethylene and copper infusion is soft, airy, and cool to the touch. This breathable material is infused with copper fibers to conduct heat away from the body. The 4-inch gel memory foam contains phase change material that responds to changes in your body temperature for the proper regulation of your body temperature. The gel memory foam layer provides contouring that aids pressure points relief. For good bounce and recovery, the Nectar Premier Copper uses a layer of premium foam to prevent you from substantial sinkage into the mattress. This transition foam layer adapts to your body shape. Structural support is given by the 9-inch firm foam base layer. The lower cover is shift resistant which prevents sagging and ensures all layers of your mattress stay in position without sliding around.

The Nectar Premier Copper is safe for you and friendly to the environment. It is CertiPUR-US certified.


Sleeping on the Nectar Premier Mattress is waving goodbye to sweaty nights. The phase change material responds to changes in your body temperature to deliver a cool and rejuvenating night’s rest. The mattress offers the cushioning needed by heavy side and back sleepers while delivering the stability needed by stomach sleepers. Some plus-size stomach sleepers might be more comfortable on a firmer mattress that will provide them the support they need for a blissful and uninterrupted sleep. The mattress limits motion transfer preventing you from getting disturbed by the motions of your partner or pet. The firmness is between soft and firm providing the right amount of support and comfort. The adaptive layer promotes better spine alignment by taking off pressure from your shoulders, hips, and legs.

For hot sleepers, the copper-infused mattress top cover and the gel memory foam layer ensure you stay cool all night long. Not sure if you want to commit to the Nectar Premier Copper? The 365-night home trial gives you ample time to make a decision that is best for your sleeping needs. The mattress also offers you a lifetime warranty if you decide to commit to purchasing it.

7. Titan Plus by Brooklyn Bedding

Titan Plus by Brooklyn Bedding

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  • 120-night trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Hybrid construction
  • Height – 11 inches
  • Available sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Split Cal King, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King


  • Exceptional edge support
  • Firm sleep surface with minimal sinking
  • Superior motion isolation
  • Great responsiveness
  • Improved spinal alignment

The Titan Plus is a very firm mattress that would not buck under your weight. This hybrid mattress uses TitanCaliber coils to provide heavy plus persons a mattress with a strong support system. This mattress is the firmer alternative to the Titan Plus Luxe. It is designed to meet the targeted needs of plus-size sleepers. The mattress is firm, supporting heavy sleepers while aiding proper spine alignment. The foam layers provide cushion and provide contouring for pressure relief. On this mattress, you won’t sink into that mattress thanks to the strong support provided. Sleepers that complain of a lack of structural support will find comfort in the Titan Plus mattress.


The Titan Plus mattress is an 11-inch high mattress that combines 2 foam layers and a coil layer to provide comfort and support for heavy sleepers. The first foam layer is a 1-inch gel memory foam that has 2 main functions. The gel memory foam assists in keeping you cool at night and resists body imprints on the mattress. The second foam layer uses 2 inches of the TitanFlex foam to provide targeted pressure relief and responsive contouring. Both foam layers provide some level of cushion while maintaining a very firm sleep surface.

At the core of the Titan Plus is 6 inches of individually wrapped TitanCaliber coils that provide support. The coil layer also functions to provide enhanced motion isolation. Supporting the coil layer is a 2-inch firm foam base that strengthens ad supports the individually wrapped coils as they compress and confers durability on the mattress. The layers are encased in a quilted mattress cover that promotes breathability. For superior cooling, the mattress has an optional GlacioTex cooling cover that can be added to the sleep surface to provide a premium cooling effect when you lay on the mattress.


The Titan Plus has a firm surface with some level of cushion that provides plus-size sleepers with a sleep surface that is stable enough to accommodate them with minimal sinking. Heavy side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers will find this bed firm and comfortable. The TitanFlex foam aids pressure relief and provide some contouring. The Titan Plus mattress makes it exceptionally easy to get in and out of bed – a function of the reinforced edge support. On this mattress, you won’t feel like falling off when you are at the edge. The coil system and knitted cover aid breathability and promote airflow. With the GlacioTex cooling cover added, the mattress keeps sleepers cool throughout the night (or day). The Titan Plus mattress is not recommended for sleepers who need more cushion on their sleep surface but is great for sleepers who need a firm sleep surface.

The Titan Plus mattress comes with a 120-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty.

8. Big Fig Mattress

Big Fig Mattress

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  • 120-night sleep trial
  • 20-year warranty
  • Free shipping and returns
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Height – 13 inches
  • Available sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King


  • Has a maximum capacity of 550 pounds for a person and a total capacity of 1,100 pounds
  • Firm support suitable for heavy stomach sleepers

The Big Fig mattress is a specially designed mattress for plus-size sleepers. The mattress provides a firm sleep surface that conveniently supports heavy stomach sleepers. This hybrid mattress has an individual weight capacity of 550 pounds and a total weight capacity of 1100 pounds. The mattress doesn’t sag and delivers a wide sleep area. The edge support enables you to maximize the sleeping surface without falling off the bed. It is easy to get in and out of bed as the mattress has amazing edge support. Big Fig tackles sweating and overheating by the use of ThermoGel cooling technology.


The Big Fig mattress uses high-density foam and high-quality materials to prevent against mattress sagging and softening experienced by people of bigger figures. The individually encased coils provide great back support and the ThermoGel cooling technology promotes cool sleep. The mattress is hand tufted to prevent the layers from shifting around. The firmer edge foam reduces the difficulty experienced by plus-size sleepers when getting in or out of bed.

The top of the Big Fig mattress is designed with a ThermoGel treated material that traps excess body heat thereby lowering body temperatures to prevent overheating. The Gel-infused latex foam promotes better airflow. The combination of latex which has exceptional natural breathability with a perforated gel-infused foam promotes airflow and maximizes breathability. The mattress has 3 layers of high-density foam for maximum comfort and anti-sag cushioning. The coil layer comprises of 1,600 individually encased coils for premium strength, support, and durability. The coil layer is supported by a firm base foam layer for added durability. The high-density 80 ILD edge foam offers enhanced edge support.


The Big Fig mattress caters to the need of full-figured sleepers by providing a breathable, supportive, and comfortable sleep surface. The innerspring mattress combines a coil layer, perforated gel-infused latex foam, and a ThermoGel treated cover to mitigate against body heat retention and give you a cool sleeping experience. The mattress accommodates heavy sleepers with little dip preventing sinkage. Heavy stomach sleepers find the Big Fig mattress comfortable and supportive. Getting in and out of bed is a breeze due to the enhanced edge support. The mattress won’t buck under your weight and is long-lasting.

The Big Fig has a 120-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.

9. Nolah Evolution Mattress

Nolah Evolution Mattress

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  • 120-night trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Multi-layer hybrid construction
  • Organic cotton and ArticTex cover
  • Firmness grade – plush, luxury firm, and firm
  • Height – 15 inches
  • Available sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, and Split King


  • Tri-Zone coils offer targeted support and proper spinal alignment
  • Reinforced coils at the mattress perimeter deliver reinforced edge support
  • Improved cooling thanks to the graphite-infused AirFoamICE

The Nolah Evolution is a 15-inch high hybrid mattress that provides a cool sleeping experience and targeted lumbar support to improve the quality of your sleep. The edge-cutting hybrid mattress is superb for spinal alignment. The Nolah Evolution 15 features Nolah’s  HDMax Tri-Zone coils that provide precise back support and quick pressure release. The combination of the breathable mattress cover, heat dissipating Euro topper, and graphite-infused AirFoamICE offer plush cushioning and improved cooling ability.


The mattress is covered by organic cotton and an ArcticTex cover that gives you a cool and dry sleep while simultaneously protecting the mattress from microbes and damage. The top cover is supported by a Euro topper. The 2-inch layer is a blend of breathable foam and an HTC (high thermal conductivity) quilt. This layer provides generous cushioning for your curves and draws unwanted heat away from your body. At the mattress border, the AirBreath gusset wicks away body heat increasing Nolah Evolution’s breathability and cooling abilities. A layer of graphite-infused foam directs heat away from the body while providing enhanced comfort and pressure relief. Before the transition foam is a highly resilient foam layer that gives support to your whole body.

The high-density transition foam is responsive, sturdy, and long-lasting. The 8-inch high inner coils are individually encased and offer more support than traditional coils. They are of distinct strength and thickness to provide more support where needed. The edge is reinforced by perimeter coils for ample edge support. The HDMax Tri-Zone support coil layer is supported by a recycled plant foundation layer that absorbs the spring motion as it compresses. A strong fabric wraps around the border of the 15-inch high mattress. This border features carry handles that make repositioning the mattress easier. The base of the mattress is protected by a tough material that doesn’t slide around on the bed foundation or frame.


The Nolah Evolution employs multiple technologies to ensure you sleep cool. The Euro topper, organic cotton, and ArticTex cover conduct heat away from your body. The AirFoamICE is infused with cooling graphite to lower your body temperature and the breathable border gusset disperses extra body heat. These all work together to prevent sweaty and uncomfortable nights. The Nolah AirFoamICE contains many small air bubbles to provide unparalleled pressure relief. The hybrid design combines responsive foam with a coil support system for good contouring, support, comfort, motion isolation, and responsiveness. The Tri-Zone coils are arranged based on their gauge and strength with the stronger coils arranged beneath pressure points and the less thick coils arranged beneath lighter body zones. This prevents undue sinkage around the hips, shoulders, stomach, and chest.

The Nolah Evolution has 7 layered construction for maximum support and durability. The 13.75 gauge coils are found at the perimeter of the mattress for enhanced edge support. The coil layer is stabilized by a recycled plant fiber foundation layer. Each layer supports the other resulting in a durable mattress with improved support. As a plus-size sleeper, you get the needed spinal support when you sleep on the Nolah Evolution mattress. The coil system beneath the upper comfort layers gives substantial support while the comfort foam layers provide cushioning for the spine. The individually encased coils adapt to body shape and weight aiding correct spine alignment. The HDMax Tri-Zone coils are segmented into three zones, one of which is specifically designed to provide lumbar support.

The Nolah Evolution 15 has 3 firmness options (plush, luxury firm, and firm). Heavy sleepers that enjoy ample cushioning when they sleep tend to prefer the luxury firm option. Heavy side sleepers benefit from the cushioning around the hips and shoulders as well as leveled support provided. The firm option is great for stomach and back sleepers who need less contouring and more support. Both firmness options have zoned coils that prevent undue sinkage. The 120-night trial offers you the opportunity to test out the mattress before committing. If you decide to commit to the Nolah Evolution, you get a lifetime warranty.

10. Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress

Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress

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  • 120-night risk-free trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Height – 14 inches
  • Available sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split King, Cal King, and King


  • Sleep cool all night
  • Aids muscle recovery
  • Ample support
  • Edge support

The Bear Elite Hybrid is an upgrade to the Bear Hybrid mattress. It comes in 3 firm grades (luxury plush, luxury firm, and extra firm). The extra firm is recommended for heavy sleepers. The mattress is best for hot sleepers, heavy sleepers, and couples.  The Bear Elite Hybrid mattress combines excellent support, plush comfort, edge support, and motion isolation in the engineering of this mattress. The mattress is great for couples and people with back, shoulder, or hip pain.


The Elite Hybrid combines a phase change material (PCM) and Celliant fiber in the manufacturing of the soft, hand-quilted cushioned mattress cover. The PCM responds to changes in body temperature while the Celliant fiber aids muscle restoration. The copper-infused memory foam absorbs body heat and provides cushion allowing for a comfortable, cool sleep. The mattress has a layer of zoned and cut comfort foam that promotes targeted pressure relief. This layer improves airflow, provides soothing relief for muscle tension, and offers adequate spinal support.

Individually wrapped pocketed spring coils provide exceptional support and comfort. The coils promote air flow and even weight distribution. The spring coils respond to individual body movement thereby minimizing motion transfer. This layer adapts to your body shape and aids pressure relief. The coil layer is supported by high-density foam for durability and basal support. The perimeter of the mattress is reinforced with edge-to-edge coils that keep you supported even while sitting at the edge of the mattress. The Elite Hybrid has 3 distinct firmness options available (luxury plush, luxury firm, and extra firm). The luxury plush is rated 5.5, the luxury firm 6.5, and the extra firm which is the best for plus-size sleepers has a firmness rating of 7.5.


The mattress provides plush comfort with minimal sinking into the mattress at the extra firm grade. This provides ample cushioning for heavy side and back sleepers without the feeling of being trapped in the mattress. Stomach sleepers enjoy the support given by the Elite Hybrid. For couples, this mattress is an excellent choice as it balances support, responsiveness, and plushness for a satisfying sleep. You also have the option of selecting the firmness grade you would prefer. The phase change material employs thermoregulation to trap your body heat. Coupled with the breathable Celliant fiber, the Bear Elite Hybrid offers you a cool and restorative sleep both at night and during the day. Hot sleepers sleep cool on this mattress as the natural copper infused into the memory foam wicks away unwanted heat giving you a cleaner sleep.

This mattress is ideal if you experience joint or body pains or discomfort. The zoned comfort foam offers just the appropriate amount of support in all the right places. The mattress adapts to your body providing good contouring for excellent support and reaction. Sharing this mattress with a partner or pet doesn’t disturb your sleep as the mattress minimizes motion transfer. Your sleeping area is maximized and getting in and out of bed is made easy as the mattress employs an edge-to-edge coil reinforcement for superior edge support. Bear offers a 120-night free trial in which you can switch the firmness of the mattress you initially ordered to ensure you get the support you need. The Bear Elite Hybrid mattress has a lifetime warranty.

What type of mattress is best for a heavy person?

One of the first things that come to mind when determining a mattress type for a heavy person is the firmness of the mattress type being considered. Although firmness is an important factor to consider when choosing a mattress type comfort is also important. Many heavy sleepers don’t want to sleep on a firm mattress that feels like they are laying on a rock or wood. Most heavy sleepers need some level of cushioning to be comfortable on a mattress. Another important characteristic of mattress types for heavy people is the rate of airflow. Does the mattress design promote airflow? A mattress with good airflow prevents overheating and sweaty nights.

Most mattresses for big sleepers are either foam, latex, innerspring, hybrid, or air bed mattresses. Let’s consider some of the strengths and weaknesses of each mattress type.

Foam mattress

Foam mattresses most times have multiple layers of foams of different firmness, types, and densities. This mattress type conforms to the body more and is oftentimes better at pressure relief than its counterparts. Foam mattresses are usually free of creaky sounds and absorb motion better. Memory foam mattresses aid motion isolation by limiting motion transfer.

One downside to memory foam mattress models is that they tend to retain heat. This is often mitigated by the incorporation of some cooling technology. Foam mattresses tend to sag faster than other models and have limited edge control.

Latex mattress

Latex is made from natural rubber and is responsive, breathable, and durable. Latex has naturally cooling abilities and often improves breathability when used in a mattress. This works to keep you cool as you sleep. One major advantage of latex over foam is that it is firmer and retains its structure better. This makes it more long-lasting than foam and more resistant to sagging. Latex provides support and contours to the body. This aids pressure relief.

Latex generally provides lesser contouring when compared with foam mattresses and is more expensive.

Innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattress is popular among heavy sleepers as it uses a coil system to provide support for their body weights. Innerspring mattresses are very durable and the coils are strong to accommodate larger weights without giving way. Innerspring mattresses promote even distribution of body weight while delivering minimal sinking.

Many innerspring mattresses have thin layers of foam for minimal comfort. They encourage better airflow keeping the sleeper cool but tend to be extremely firm which can be uncomfortable for some.

Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses combine a coil support core with different foam layers and sometimes latex. The coil system provides the mattress with support, responsiveness, and improved airflow while the latex and/or foam layers provide comfort, contouring, and pressure relief. Hybrid mattresses combine the strengths of the coil system and foam/latex to provide excellent relief and support.

Hybrid mattresses provide support for heavier weights while providing the cushioning they need for maximal support. High-quality hybrid mattresses are more durable and have great edge support.

Airbed mattresses

Airbed mattresses provide the luxury of changing your mattress firmness to suit your need per time. This mattress type makes use of air chambers to provide support. The pressure of the air chambers determines the firmness of the mattress. Some airbed mattresses have layers of memory foam, foam, or latex.  With an airbed, you can personalize the firmness level to fit your body size, shape, and preferred sleeping position. Generally, airbed mattresses are more expensive than traditional mattresses.

Summarily, the best mattress type for heavy sleepers is dependent on individual needs and preferences.

Is memory foam mattress good for a heavy person?

Memory foams have great benefits one of which is the pressure-reliving properties it provides. Memory foams contour to the body and provide soothing relief that releases tension from muscles and joints. One major point of concern for heavy people (over 250 pounds) is whether or not memory foam mattresses can provide the support they need without sagging.

High-density memory mattresses are firmer and can support higher weights with minimal sagging over time. The density of the support and base foam layers should also be considered. All foam layers should be of high density if you are considering getting a memory mattress as a big person. Another concern is heat retention. Many high-end quality mattresses with memory foam have incorporated diverse cooling technologies to enable you to sleep cool all night.

What is the best mattress firmness for big people?

How firm or soft a mattress is, is commonly graded on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the softer limit and 10 the firmer limit. How soft a mattress feels to a person depends on different variables like weight and is highly subjective. Heavier people generally tend to favor firmer mattresses. For example, a mattress with a firmness grade of 7 can feel like a 6 to a 200-pound individual and a 4 to a 300-pound person.

As a guide, heavier people that prefer some cushioning sleep better on mattresses between firmness levels of 6 and 8. Another factor that affects the firmness preference of individuals is their preferred sleeping positions. Side and back sleepers oftentimes need more cushioning on their sleep surface whereas stomach sleepers tend to opt for a mattress with less contour and more support. Mattress with less contour and firmer support provide an even plane for stomach sleepers.

Inter-weight couples often enjoy ample support and comfort. Medium firm mattresses (7) provide a good balance of stable support and plush comfort.

Factors to consider when getting a mattress as a heavy person

Most people (plus size folks included) have been victims of sleeping on the wrong mattress at some point in their lives. Getting a good mattress requires careful consideration and more so for full-figured people as more of the mattresses on the market are engineered to meet the needs of sleepers weighing less than 200 pounds. The higher your weight, the less the likelihood of you just popping into a shop and getting a mattress that fits and would last over time. Thankfully, more mattress companies are beginning to take into consideration special sleep needs in the engineering of their different mattress models. On the market today, there are more mattresses that have claimed to be specially designed for heavy sleepers. If you have fallen victim to poor sleep due to sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, you would be more interested in getting into the features that make a mattress suitable for your weight range as a big person. We have compiled a list of the topmost factors to consider before purchasing a mattress. Here they are:


As a person with a fully rounded person, one major factor you consider on a daily basis when making decisions is space. In getting a vehicle you consider if it’s spacious enough. Space is a factor that cannot be overlooked when making a mattress choice. Is the mattress dimensions satisfactory in ensuring you sleep comfortably without having to forcefully hold a sleeping position to stay in bed? Can the mattress dimension take your height and body shape? Everyone wants to sleep without having to worry that they changing position in between sleep might result in them falling off the bed. As a full-figured person, it is important to get a mattress that can accommodate you tossing and turning at night if you so desire. All plus-size persons should consider getting a Full or Queen sized mattress if they would be sleeping alone and a King sized mattress if they would be sleeping with a partner.


The height of a mattress is one factor that many heavy sleepers consciously or unconsciously check out when thinking of changing their mattress. A thin mattress will most likely flatten out in no time leading to frustrating nights. Mattresses with more height tend to have more layers and a high support core to provide some level of rigidity and support. High mattresses won’t flatten out easily under heavier weights. That being said, more height does not always mean more support. It is important to consider the materials used in the construction of a mattress as well. The recommended mattress height for heavy people is between 10 to 14 inches. Depending on your weight, a higher mattress might be more suited for you.


This area is where many people get somewhat confused. What materials are better preferred when selecting a mattress of your choice? There are many common mattress materials today each with its strengths and weakness. Memory foam for example provides better contouring and great motion isolation but has little responsiveness, tends to trap body heat, and is prone to sagging more easily. When considering getting a mattress with memory foam or an all foam mattress, the density of the foam layers is of great importance. Foam with low density should not be more than an inch thick as it is likely to wear out faster. The denser a foam layer is, the better. Memory foams should be 5 pounds or more while Polyfoams should be 2 pounds or more. When getting a foam mattress, it is important to check out the density of the foam layers most especially the support layer. High-end mattresses made with memory foam adopt differing cooling technology to prevent heat retention. Foam mattresses infused with gel, graphite, or copper have improved responsiveness.

Latex is more durable and responsive than memory foam and does not distort as fast. It has natural cooling abilities but provides less contouring when compared with memory foam. Innerspring mattresses provide more support for heavy sleepers but might be too firm to sleep on. A hybrid mattress is a combination of innerspring, foam (memory foam, polyfoam), and/or latex to provide comfort and support. Mattresses with individual coils with a gauge of 13 or lower are stronger and provide more support for heavier people. The higher the gauge number is, the lesser the thickness and strength of the coil. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses aid in the regulation of body temperature by providing better airflow. If a mattress is less responsive, you are more likely to sink into the mattress the more you weigh. A more responsive mattress provides good bounce and pushback and is an important factor to consider especially for a sex mattress.


Big individuals tend to find many mattresses too soft for comfort. Medium firm to extra firm mattress is best for heavy people. Your sleeping position also determines how firm your mattress should be. Side sleepers need more cushioning when they sleep while stomach and back sleepers might prefer a firmer surface to prevent undue sinking at the hips and midsection. Medium firm mattresses provide cushioning and support needed for heavy side sleepers. Firm to extra firm mattresses provides more support but less body contouring. For heavy individuals who love ample cushioning, a medium firm mattress is recommended while for those who prefer a more even surface a firm or extra firm mattress might be best.

Edge support

Another challenge faced by plus-size people is getting in and out of bed. It can be extremely difficult to get in and out of bed if your mattress has soft edges that dip easily under some weight. Mattresses with reinforced edges give a firmer feel at the edges that makes getting in and out of bed less strenuous. For good edge support, the perimeter of some mattresses is reinforced with low gauge coils while some others have high-density foam borders. Choosing a mattress with good edge support allows you to maximize your sleep surface and aid in getting in and out of bed. You won’t get the feeling of rolling off the bed when you lay close to the edge on a mattress with good edge support.

Temperature control

Many big folks have their sleep interrupted as they sleep hot and find it difficult to keep cool when they sleep. Mattresses designed specifically for big guys and girls take care to improve breathability and incorporate some form of cooling technology to prevent hot nights. A mattress material also affects the level of breathability of such a mattress. Latex is naturally very breathable and aids airflow. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses have a coil system that promotes airflow. Some mattresses have gel-infused memory foam to lower body temperatures. Mattresses with copper or graphite wick heat away from the body to give you a cool sleep. The cover of the mattress should also be breathable to aid the mattress breathability. Mattresses for heavy folks have some cooling technology to reduce sweaty nights and give you uninterrupted sleep.

Weight capacity

All mattresses have maximum weight capacities. You should ensure that the mattress you are considering has the capacity to support your weight before purchasing. Most of the mattresses on this list have an individual weight capacity of 500 pounds on one side of the mattress and a total capacity of 1000 pounds. The Big Fig mattress has a combined weight capacity of 1100 pounds with each side having a weight limit of 550 pounds. Some of the mattresses labeled universal have maximum weight capacities between 300 to 500 pounds. Confirm the weight capacity of a mattress before buying.


Getting a quality mattress is not cheap hence, it would be highly disappointing if you invest a substantial chunk of money into a mattress that works fine for a few months but cannot be sustained for long. Before you order a mattress online, be sure that the mattress is made of high-quality materials that will last long. A durable mattress can remain in optimum condition if well maintained for 5 to 10 years depending on the mattress type.

Free night trial and warranty

The best way to confirm that a mattress is good for you is by testing it out. Mattresses have a risk-free trial period. Some have trial periods of 120 nights (about 4 months) while some have a trial period of 1 year (365 nights). Testing out the mattress confirms the choice you made and if there is a need to change or return the mattress you have time to finalize your decision. Purchasing a mattress with a good warranty gives some level of insurance to your investment. Many mattresses for heavy guys have 10 to 20 years warranty with a few offering a lifetime warranty.


Some mattress manufacturers offer free shipping and returns, payment plans, and white-gloved delivery. A mattress that offers white-gloved delivery would set up your mattress for you saving you the hassle. Some offer a complete package of removing your previous mattress and setting up the new one where you want it. This is a great addition for elderly folks, people with mobility issues, or anybody who doesn’t want to go through the process of setting up their mattress.


Everyone should have the comfort to enjoy daily refreshing sleep irrespective of their body type. Heavy sleepers have special needs to enjoy a well-rested sleep. Selecting a good mattress as a big folk might be a hassle so we made a well-researched list of the best 10 mattresses for heavy people to make it easier for you. Even for plus-size people, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the choice of a mattress. We have highlighted the benefits of each mattress to guide you in choosing one that is more tailored to your needs. Support and comfort are important features for any mattress engineered for big guys. Getting quality sleep improves the way you feel about yourself and your general attitude towards life. Choose the best only!

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