Choosing the Right Weighted Blanket for a Couple

Choosing the Right Weighted Blanket for a Couple

Many couples like to share a blanket, but when deciding to purchase a weighted blanket, there is a whole new dilemma. How much weight should a weighted blanket have for a couple? There is no simple answer to that question because many factors play an essential role here. If you share a bed with a spouse, you’ll have to solve that confusion. We made some guidelines to help you resolve it before you set out the door to purchase the blanket. 

Can Couples use One Weighted Blanket?

Choosing the right weighted blanket is an important decision. As your significant other is affected by this, you should go through the decision-making process together. Weighted blankets are just as beneficial for couples as they are for individuals, and both should be at ease with the weight and dimensions of the blanket.

How to Choose the Right Heaviness of a Weighted Blanket for a Couple

The weight of each individual is different, and the good rule of thumb for individuals is to choose a blanket that is 10% of body weight. For example, Hush produces weighted blankets for couples and individuals. According to their standards, a Twin weighted blanket that has 15lbs (6kg) corresponds to individuals weighing between 120lbs (54kg) and 170lbs (77kg).


But, what about the couple that has different body mass? The same rules apply, and the company has a blanket weight chart that shows recommendations. For example, a Hush King Blanket that weighs 30lbs (13kg) can be used by two adults with a combined body weight under 300lbs (136kg). Assuming one partner weighs 120 lbs (54kg) and another 180lbs (81kg), that means the blanket is ideal for them. However, queen size and king size blankets can feel lighter than their versions as they distribute their weight on both persons.

Weighted Blanket for a Couple


Companies make these charts to show that with combined two masses, the right blanket will evenly distribute its Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) on both partners. Hush does not recommend choosing blankets over 35lbs (15kg). It can give the sensation of being unable to move, indicating that the user selected the too heavy covering.

How to Choose the Right Dimensions of a Weighted Blanket for a Couple

As much as the weight matters, many people get confused by choosing dimensions for the weighted blanket. In general, companies that make them offer measurements based on the size of the bed. The common question is whether or not it should cover the whole bed. 


The standards of bed dimensions decide on weighted blanket dimensions. For example, there is a variation in weight but not in size. Therefore the King weighted blanket can have a weight of 30lbs (13kg) and 35lbs (15kg), but the dimension stays the same, and it is standard 90” x 90”.

Who Should Not Use a Weighted Blanket?

Although weighted blankets have many benefits while using them, the feeling of pressure and whether or not it is comforting is highly individual. Therefore, it would be an excellent solution to test it before deciding. Ask friends and family if they own one to help you determine what their mass feels. 


The weighted blanket itself has no side effects, nor is it hazardous in any way. The covers and fillings are made of natural materials. However, one in thousands of individuals may feel frightened by the pressure. So if you have difficulties with claustrophobia or breathing problems, look to test your body’s response to the weight before you commit to purchase.

Weighted Blanket Takeaways

If you and your spouse have difficulty sleeping or you keep turning restless in your bed, a weighted blanket can change your sleep quality. The weighted blanket puts mild pressure on your body like a soft hug to help ease your anxiety and worries. However, choose the blanket together because it is a mutual commitment to change your gloomy mornings into energy-infused days. 


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