Sheet Prices! How much do sheets cost?

by Jesse Tutt September 02, 2019 1 min read

Sheet Prices.  How much do Sheets Cost?

Sheet Prices!  How much do sheets cost? The Key Question is "What’s the GSM"

Wondering how much Sheets cost?  You need to know about GSM which stands for Grams per Square Metre, which tells you how heavy the material is. High GSM fabric is typically thicker, plusher and more durable. You probably don't want to buy sheets with a GSM of 90 or less, because that's thin enough for a toenail to rip through. Quality sheets generally have a GSM of 115+. If someone isn’t telling you the GSM of their sheets, it’s most likely because the GSM is low, and the quality suspect.

What Size are the Sheets?

Side panels on fitted sheets vary in height. A 16” side panel requires more fabric than a 10”, and thereby the cost for the sheets goes up. Likewise, a flat queen sheet that measures 92” x 104” is going to cost more than one that’s 72” x 94”.

Pillow Case Sizes

Another area where size makes a difference is in pillowcases. Retailers often classify pillowcases as Standard/Queen or Regular King. Standard pillows are generally 16” x 25” and Regular King size are 16” x 34”. Our queen size are 20” x 30” and our king size are 20” x 36”. 

At Gotta Sleep we’re extremely generous with our bedding and mattresses. We also go overboard on GSM. Our products are simply amazing. We make them with our butter soft microfibre, there’s nothing quite like them.

Jesse Tutt
Jesse Tutt

Jesse is an accomplished IT leader (18 years), international speaker, and entrepreneur (4 years). He developed the software which runs the Mattress Mattress group of companies, founded one of the largest virtual tour providers in Alberta, and is the CEO of Gotta Sleep, maker of Canada's Best Mattresses. He has been featured on Global TV, Shaw TV, Breakfast TV, the Edmonton Journal, Fortune, Red Deer Advocate, Metro Magazine, St. Albert Gazette, Maclean's Magazine, and NAIT Techlife Magazine and has broad expertise in analytics (Tableau), machine learning, robotic process automation, data warehousing, IT measurement, IT showback, strategic planning, financial management, project management, and process improvement. He is happily married, has a beautiful baby girl, and is the proud owner of a Lagotto Romagnolo named Otto.

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