How To Choose A Mattress [2024]

Wondering how To choose A Mattress?

Buying a new mattress can be so overwhelming, it can cause you to lose sleep. There are so many options out there. We get it, so keep reading to know all the things you should consider when choosing a new mattress. These will help simplify the process and make it easier.

The type of mattress

The type of mattress includes the structure and the materials used in making the mattress.

The innerspring mattress

This is the most common type of mattress. They have metal coils on the inside of the mattress, and they are very supportive. Some examples of coils include Bonnell coils, offset coils, Marshall/Pocketed coils, and the continuous wire system.

Recommend for:  Back sleepers and Stomach Sleepers. They are also suitable for people who get hot when sleeping because coils give a lot of room for airflow, so it does not trap a lot of heat.

Not recommended for: Side sleepers and people who like to sink into their mattresses.

The memory foam mattress

This one is one of the most popular mattresses on the market right now. It definitely has that slow sinking feeling that takes the pressure off the body.

Recommended for: Side sleepers, back sleepers and is also a good option for people with joint pain.

Not recommended for: Stomach sleepers

The latex mattress

Most latex mattresses are made from all-natural latex, which means they are eco-friendly and biodegradable so better for the environment.  It is also very supportive, and it is very responsive, so it is easy to move around on top of it. It is very durable and allows more airflow than a memory foam mattress.  

Recommended for: Those that want an organic and natural option that will help with relieving pressure points.


Hearing about water beds might make you think of the 1980s, where they were prominent in the market and pop culture. Even though their popularity has faded, they are still in existence today. Unlike other types of mattresses with coils or foam, waterbeds have a water chamber as their support system.  If you have always fancied a water bed and believe it will support you, you can find them in many mattress stores.

Air mattresses

In this group, we have inflatable air mattresses. These are very common compact beds that are also very affordable and easy to find.

Another set of mattresses in this group are sleep number beds. These are adjustable air mattresses. These beds do not look like inflatable mattresses, and they easily look like a standard mattress. The air chambers inside the mattresses are connected to a remote that allows you add or remove air in the mattress, which in turn dictates how soft or firm the mattress becomes.  It is very convenient, and you can change your comfort levels at any time you need it. The mattress often includes other upholstery or material, such as foam or natural fibers, for support and comfort.

Recommended for: Combination sleepers

The Hybrid mattress

This mattress has the best of both worlds. It has coils in the support layer and foam in the top layer.  With this mattress, you get the support of coils and the comfort of foam.

Recommended for: Hot sleepers who still want a firm feel with more breathability. Also recommended for people who need more support than foam provides. A good match for combination sleepers.


Size is essential when picking a mattress that is going to be satisfactory.

The Twin (39” by 74”)

This is probably the smallest size available for adults. It is narrow and not too long.

Recommended for: Children, teenagers, and smaller adults. It is also great for adults who are working with limited space.

Not recommended for:  Larger or taller adults. More than one person.

The Twin XL (39” by 80”)

This is just like the twin but six inches longer, so you get a little more length.  That is the only main difference.

Recommended for: Taller children or teens or for adults who are working with a narrow bedroom.

The Full /Double (“54 by 74”)

It is 15 inches wider than the twin mattress, so you get more room

Recommended for: Better option than the twin for larger adults and for couples

The Queen (60” by 80”)

This next mattress has a lot more room

Recommended for: People who sleep alone but want a lot of room to move around. It is also a good option for couples as it is big enough for most couples to sleep together comfortably.

The King (76” by 80”)

The King is the same length as a Queen but 16” wider.

Recommended for: Couples. It is the best fit for couples or people who share a bed with their children.

Not recommended: For a single person, unless they are looking to fill up a huge master bedroom.

California King (72” by 84”)

The California king is four inches longer than a standard King but inches narrower in width. This mattress adds extra length to the bed while sacrificing some surface area.

Recommended for: Taller individuals or couples with taller individuals


In addition to mattress sizes and the type of mattress, you have to consider your

sleeping position. It will guide you in picking the very best mattress for you. The comfort levels or range of firmness of a mattress are essential when considering the sleeping position. The comfort levels start from extra-plush, which is the softer side and end with the extra firm, which is on the firmer side. The firmness of a mattress is usually rated on a scale of one to ten. The average firmness is considered to be between 6.5 to 7.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers do best with mattresses that have an average firmness. That is between 6.5 to 7 on a scale of one to ten. Back sleepers need support but also need some comfort to relieve pressure, so a mattress that falls in the middle firmness will be just right.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need much more support, so they will do better with mattresses on the firmer side of the comfort level spectrum. Plusher mattresses are not the right choice because it can cause sinking of the hips while sleeping, and this can cause spinal misalignment.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping puts a lot of pressure on shoulders, hips, and knees. Therefore, a mattress on the softer or plusher side of the spectrum will relieve the extra relief from pressure and more contouring support.

Combination Sleepers

Here, choosing will require some experimentation. If there is a sleeping position that you are primarily in, use that as a guide. Otherwise, you might have to try a few comfort levels to find the perfect one.


If you have specific needs, you will want to shop for a mattress that particularly suits your needs. If you are currently under the care of a medical professional, consult them for what you might need and not rely solely on a sales representative. Some cases that might have specific needs include but are not limited to the following: people who sleep hot, people who are recovering from an injury, people who have a chronic injury, those who are pregnant, or have clinical medical needs.


For most people, a mattress is a significant investment. That means it’s crucial to think about how long one wants a new bed to last. Mattresses made with high-quality materials and proper construction will easily outlast cheaper options. This means it won’t be necessary to buy a new mattress as frequently. There are plenty of options out there, so it’s possible to find something that meets your needs without going into debt.

This easy guide will help you with selecting a mattress that will make you genuinely happy. If you consider the type of mattress, size of the mattress, specific needs, durability, and sleep position you are soon to get your perfect mattress.


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