About Gotta Sleep

The Gotta Sleep Revolution.


Gotta Sleep was founded by a team of 21 mattress and technology investors in 2019.  

What sets Gotta Sleep apart is how much experience they have in the mattress and technology industry.  The team has founded over 20 technology and mattress startups and are versed in designing amazing mattresses and then leveraging technology to improve efficiency.

The OMG Mattress offers a better, more restful sleep.  Made by Canadians, for Canadians.


Eric Buchfink has been in the mattress industry for 48 years.  He founded Mattress Mattress in 1994 and put together the Gotta Sleep team.

"This business is not work. It’s my hobby. I spend hours on it every single day because I love it." - Eric Buchfink

Eric added Jesse Tutt, who has founded two technology startups and experienced mattress industry experts; Allen Eliuk and Matt Fecho.

"Our mission is to give people a better mattress that improves sleep and can be purchased at a reasonable price." - Jesse Tutt

After 15 versions, the OMG Mattress came to be.  A great sleep is on the way with moisture wicking fibre, cooling graphite, gel memory foam, and plant-based foams.