15 LB TWIN (60″X80″)

20 LB TWIN (60″X80″)

20 LB QUEEN (80″X87″)

25 LB QUEEN (80″X87″)

30 LBS KING (90″X90″)

35 LBS KING (90″X90″)

Hush Weighted Blankets

The Hush Weighted Blanket is a blanket with pockets for blankets, which can be added or removed depending on the season. Hush’s body temperature-controlled comfort system includes a proprietary bamboo and cotton blend that helps wick away sweat during hot nights.

Hush Weighted Blankets help turn stress and anxiety into 100% CALM, and are scientifically proven to lower cortisol levels, up serotonin levels, and make you sleepy. This makes it perfect for someone who struggles with insomnia or hot flashes! Hush Weighted Blankets ship out in 1-4 weeks.

Fulfill your friend’s desire to feel weightless by gifting this terrific, weighted blanket. If they don’t like it after one hundred nights – which is highly unlikely given the detailed attention to quality standards from manufacturers – then return it for a full refund!

Like a much-needed hug, the Hush Weighted Blanket helps turn stress and anxiety into 100% CALM. But, if you’re not feeling the calm after 100 nights, return it for a FULL refund.

The Hush Weighted Blankets are perfect for cold sleepers, and those looking for a warmer solution to a cooling cover! The cover is easily removed for washing and drying.

The Hush Weighted Blanket is made in Canada. Hush recently raised over $1.1 Million in its launch and was on Dragon’s Den.

  • Easy to wash and dry.
  • Designed to feel like a comfortable hug all night long
  • Glass micro beads to provide consistent airflow and even weight distribution
  • Using the science of (DTPS) deep-touch-pressure stimulation. Which has proven to help relieve stress and improve the overall quality of sleep
  • Cooling Gel-Infused into the memory foam
  • Hush Give Back Donation Program™ – Hush donates 1 out of every 5 children blankets sold and 1 out of every 10 adult blankets
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