The Gotta Sleep Pillow.
Choose to Snooze.

A Bed for your Head

17% of the spine is in the neck.
Your old pillow may not be providing the support you need.
The Gotta Sleep Pillow with a Cooling Pillow Protector
offers cool comfort all night long.
No fans required.

Cooling and Ambient
Pillow Protectors.

Keep your new pillow fresh.

It’s super comfy and perfectly suits my fickle nature. My pillow preference changes with my mood, so I love that I can make it firmer or softer on a whim.


Head Hug

Giving my head a pillow to hug is one of the best things I have done for my sleep.

Jimmy N.

Stress Relief

I carry my stress in my neck and shoulders. I'm surprised how well I sleep with this pillow.

Connie C.

Cooler Healthier Sleep

With the cooling protector, it's remarkably cool to the touch.

Samantha T.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I wash my Gotta Sleep Pillow?icon

Machine wash cold. Be sure to wash it in your 'Delicate Cycle'.
— Wash the pillow with whites.
— Use non-chlorine bleach (if required).
— Run the cycle twice for to ensure all water is extracted.
—Throw in a few tennis balls to increase the level of fluffing.
— Do not iron your pillow or pillow protector.

What is the Gotta Sleep Pillow made of?icon

The Gotta Sleep pillow is made of:
— Cotton cover
— 100% Micro-gel fibers
*Micro-gel fibers are premium, lightweight, hollow fibers which are one hundred times finer than regular poly fibers. This premium fiber prevents friction and increases air flow which therefore provides a cooler, healthier sleep.

How do I increase my Gotta Sleep Pillow Life?icon

Buying a pillow protector , prevents premature breakdown, extending the life of your pillow as they:
- reduces asthma
- reduces the need for washing
- prevents dust mites
- prevents oil and perspiration from collecting inside your pillow.

What is the best pillow for each sleep position?icon

Nearly everyone shifts during the night. That said, often people tend to sleep on their side, back, or stomach. As a result, we offer three pillows, one per sleep position:

Ovation Micro-Gel Pillow
- Most Popular with Front Sleepers
Radiance Micro-Gel Pillow
- Most Popular with Back Sleepers and Side Sleepers
Shadow Micro-Gel Pillow
- Most Popular with Side Sleepers

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