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Mattress Types... There are many types of Mattresses!

Mattress types can affect how we sleep. For the best sleep possible, you'll want to choose a comfortable mattress. It can make a world of difference. A mattress is something that is personal, and everyone has unique preferences they consider necessary when it comes to their perfect mattress.

The Better Sleep Council suggests that if a mattress is 7 years old it's probably reached retirement. To protect your loved ones and yourself, you might want to consider a mattress protector with antimicrobial silver chloride agents which inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses, and greatly reduce allergens which helps those with allergies or Asthma.

RV Mattresses

Camping doesn’t have to mean restless sleeps on a uncomfortable mattress. If your RV or holiday trailer has a shorter queen mattress we carry a 60" x 74.5" Queen RV mattress.

Waterbed Mattresses

Waterbeds might have been outrageously popular since 1970; however, with today’s technology and innovation, spring and foam mattresses offer superior support, and greater health and sleep benefits.

Air Mattresses

Sleeping on air can be nerve wracking. It’s hard to say how much support these mattresses can provide. However, when camping or floating on water an air mattress is the best option. The mattresses are easy to carry, compact and can provide a better sleep than sleeping on the ground while enjoying your favorite activities.

Bonnell Coil Inner-Spring Mattresses

Bonnell Coils were originally used in buggy seats in the 19th century. From there they migrated to mattresses. Many of us grew up sleeping on bonnell coil mattresses. This is not a bad mattress to set up in a spare room. However, in today's world you can buy a foam Bed in a Box mattress for less, so you're probably further ahead not buying one. 

Continuous Coil Inner-Spring Mattresses

Mattresses with continuous coil inner-springs are excellent at distributing body weight throughout the mattress. Their superior ability to distribute weight can help to improve circulation, resulting in a more comfortable sleep. These mattresses can provide some relief for health issues like arthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, sciatica and tingling of the hands and feet. Once again, in today's world you can buy a foam Bed in a Box mattress for less, so you're probably further ahead not buying one. 

Offset Coil Inner-Spring Mattresses

The offset coil inner-springs mattress offers an inventive approach to the simplistic Bonnell coil inner-springs mattress. Their design allows them to better withstand pressure from body weight. This can improve sleep quality by increasing circulation and relieving pressure from elbows, hips, ribs, and shoulders. Like we mentioned abovein today's world you can buy a foam Bed in a Box mattress for less, so you're probably further ahead not buying one. 

Pocket Coil Inner-Spring Mattresses

A sleep partner's tossing and turning can result in sleep disruptions. A pocket coil inner-spring mattress can provide superior singular support on both sides of a mattress. As pocket coils are individually encased and joined at the center, they move independently of one another. Therefore, motion on one side of the mattress is not transferred to the other side.

Pocket coils also conform to the shape of your body, which takes pressure off the lower back. And by taking pressure off your shoulder, rib, elbow, hip and knee pressure points, they improve circulation and provide relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, sciatica and tingling of the hands and feet.

For those that prefer an inner-spring mattress over specialty foam, we highly recommend a pocket coil mattress.  There's very little cost difference between pocket-coil inner-spring mattresses and other inner-spring mattresses, and the benefits of pocket-coils easily outweigh the price difference. 

Memory Foam Mattresses

The cradling experience of a memory foam mattress is unlike anything else. The support provided by memory from is exemplary in pressure point relief. NASA is often given credit for the introduction of memory foam. They began to use it spaceships to improve comfort and reduce G-Force. Shortly after, memory foam began to be used by commercial airlines for pilot seats, and eventually in burn units in hospitals.

The introduction of memory foam into mattresses in 1992 has been extremely influential in how we sleep today. When making the decision if memory foam is right for you, the best option is to lie down on a memory foam mattress for a few minutes. You'll know almost instantly if it is something you're looking for in a mattress.

There are many benefits to a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses cradle, which is great for those that like this feeling, and it's great for proper spinal alignment as you sleep. They're also able to provide exceptional pressure point pain relief. By taking pressure off shoulder, rib, elbow, hip and knee pressure points, they greatly improve circulation. This can provide relief to those suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, sciatica and tingling of the hands and feet, or to pain from sports related or accident injuries.

Memory foam also reduces motion transfer in mattresses that can cause sleep interruptions and therefore restless nights. Memory foam is naturally dust mite resistant and anti-microbial, which prevents the growth of mold and mildew, and it's also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

Despite having many benefits there are some common complaints when it comes to memory foam mattresses. Due to their cradling ability it can be difficult for some to turn and get out of. Memory foam is also affected by temperature which can affect it's feel and firmness, and it generally sleeps warm. If room temperatures are cool, they can firm up memory foam or if they are warm, memory foam can soften. 

Gel and Graphite Infused Memory Foam Mattresses

Thanks to technological advancements, gel and graphite can now be added to memory foam mattresses.  These two materials cause memory foam to last longer.

Together these materials provide a two times cooler and healthier sleep environment.

Latex Foam Mattresses

Latex foam mattresses offer countless benefits and provide a unique sleeping experience that far outweighs the benefits of conventional foam bedding. There are two available types of latex foam mattresses, natural and synthetic.

Latex foam mattresses offer countless benefits, and provide a unique sleep experience that far outweighs the benefits of conventional foam bedding or inner-springs. There are two types of latex foam mattresses, natural and synthetic.

Latex mattresses are highly durable and resilient. They do not require rotating or flipping. Their average shelf life can easily exceed 15 years. They conform to body shape, which provides support for the body, pressure point relief, and reduced motion transfer that can cause restless nights.

By taking pressure off shoulder, rib, elbow, hip and knee pressure points, they improve circulation. This can provide relief to those suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, sciatica and tingling of the hands and feet, or to pain from sports related or accident injuries. 

Latex does not react to changes in temperature and is highly breathable. Natural and synthetic latex mattresses are dust mite resistant and anti-microbial which prevents the growth of bacteria. Synthetic latex mattresses and high quality natural latex mattresses can be hypoallergenic if cleaned properly during manufacturing.

Latex is an environmentally friendly product (contains no formaldehyde, carcinogens, petroleum fillers, artificial additives, or harsh chemicals).

Latex is very similar to memory foam in it's benefits, but at a significantly higher cost compared to our OMG Mattress.

Natural Latex Mattresses

Natural latex mattresses are produced from sap taken from rubber trees. In order to create a natural latex mattress only natural, organic, biodegradable ingredients are used. No harmful solvents are used or emissions created during the production process. Natural latex prevents the growth of allergens, making it a good choice for people with respiratory difficulties. 

Synthetic Latex Mattresses

Synthetic latex mattresses are produced by using a molecular copy of natural latex. A process called Talalay is used to create both natural and synthetic latex. This process relies on renewable resources and water based materials to create the latex. Due to this procedure, the sleep industry has been able to create the most breathable, resilient and consistent material for mattresses.

Blended Latex Mattresses

Blended latex mattresses are produced using a combination of natural and synthetic latex materials. By conjoining these two materials together consumers receive a mattress that has the look and feel of a natural latex mattress that also has the durability of a synthetic mattress.

Despite latex mattresses being considered a hypoallergenic option, it is always encouraged to discuss any concerns with an allergy specialist before making a decision on which mattress is right for you. For more information about latex visit www.latexinternational.com



Mattress Sizes & Dimensions and Bed Size Guide | Gotta Sleep

Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

Mattresses come in many sizes, from the small single Twin to the massive California King.  Manufacturing procedures, padding and types of support can all alter the mattress size.

Gotta Sleep has created this guide so you can pick the right mattress size and dimensions for your needs.

In Canada and the USA, we use terms like Queen, King, Double and so on to define our mattress sizes. 

The commonly manufactured mattress sizes in Canada and the USA are:

Standard Mattress Sizes Differ Based on Type

For each mattress and box spring, there are actually TWO acceptable sizes:

When the coils in spring or coil mattresses are manufactured, the count and thickness of the wire varies. This can greatly affect the width and length of coil mattresses. Because of this in Canada and the USA, manufacturers must produce inner-spring or coil mattresses within 1”.

Foam mattresses are cut from slabs of foam, so their sizes don't vary as much.  As a result, you don’t have to worry about size variations with foam mattresses. They are the exact size they state on the label and description.  

When buying mattresses online, like bed in a box, they’re usually foam mattresses. Some of them also contain coil inner-springs, so it’s good to check.

Foam Mattresses

Foam Mattress Sizes and Dimensions


Width & Length (Inches)

Width & Length (cm)

Sizes We Carry

Twin (Single)

39" x 75"

99 x 190.5 cm

39" x 74.5"

Twin (Single) Extra Long - TXL

39" x 80"

99 x 203 cm

39" x 79.5"

Super Single (3/4)

48" x 75"

122 x 190.5 cm


Double (Full or Standard)

54" x 75"

137 x 190.5 cm

54" x 74.5"

Double (Full) XL

54" x 80"

134.5 x 202 cm



60" x 80"

152.5 x 203 cm

60" x 79.5"

Queen RV (common in recreational vehicles)

60" x 75"

152.5 x 190.5 cm

60" x 74.5"


76" x 80"

193 x 203 cm

76" x 79.5"

California King

72" x 84”

183 x 213 cm

72" x 83.5"


At Gotta Sleep we offer the 7 most popular sizes of foam mattresses. Less popular sizes need to be custom modified, which makes them more expensive.  Our mattresses are all shortened by 1/2" to provide the best fit for sheets and to fit into tight bed frames.

Coil Inner-Spring Mattresses / Spring Mattresses

Coil Innerspring Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

Mattress Size

Width & Length (Inches)

Width & Length (cm)

Sizes We Carry

Twin (Single)

38" x 74½"

96.5 x 189 cm


Twin (Single) Extra Long - TXL

38" x 79½"

96.5 x 202 cm


Super Single (3/4)

47" x 74½"

119.5 x 189 cm


Double (Full)

53" x 74½"

134.5 x 189 cm


Double (Full) XL

53" x 74½"

134.5 x 202 cm



60" x 79½"

152.5 x 202 cm


Queen RV (common in recreational vehicles)

60" x 74½"

152.5 x 189 cm



76" x 79½"

193 x 202 cm


California King

72" x 83½"

183 x 212 cm



Mattress Sizes Explained

Twin - 38" x 74½"

Despite ‘Twin’ being in the name, twin sized mattresses are mostly used for single sleepers. Their small size means they’ll fit well in most spaces. It’s a great size for growing kids to give them enough space to sleep and grow without taking up so much space. It’s also the most common size found in dorms due to their compact but comfortable size.

Depth dimensions vary.

Twin XL - 38" x 79½"

Twin XL bed dimensions measure 38" x 79½".  Like a twin, this mattress is the same width, but is 5 inches longer to accommodate taller sleepers. This size is commonly used for growing teenagers who are close to 6’0” and in dorm rooms.

It’s a longer economy size that’ll fit well in the spare room.

Super Single - 47" x 74½"

Super Single bed dimensions measure 47" x 74½" and are a throwback to the 1920s.  Designed for one sleeper but often accommodating two, these beds are very rare on the market today. For the most part, only antique bed frames and military living quarters will require this size so Gotta Sleep doesn’t carry it.

Double / Full - 53" x 74½"

Double bed dimensions measure 53" x 74½".

The double, or the full, used to be the industry standard for a bed meant for two people. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the Queen sized mattress overtook the market, as people were getting taller and rooms were getting larger.  Couples appreciated the extra space offered in a Queen.

It’s a popular choice nowadays for spare bedrooms, luxurious singles, growing children, or spaces that aren’t quite large enough for a queen. 

Full mattresses work great for children as they are cost-effective and are long enough to last until the child has grown into an adult.

Double XL or Full XL - 54" x 79½"

The Double XL or Full XL comes in at 54" x 79 1/2".  Just like the Twin XL, the Double or Full XL is made longer and a little bit wider. It’s meant to accommodate the taller sleepers or those who want something just a bit bigger than a double, but don’t have excess of space. Unfortunately, this less popular option is not carried at Gotta Sleep.

Queen - 60" x 79½"

Queen-sized mattresses range between 55 and 100 pounds and are typically 60" x 79½".  Queen sized mattresses have become the preferred and most popular size on the market. It’s considered the ideal size for two people to share, and fits comfortably into most modern bedrooms.

They provide plenty of space for sleeping, even for those who move a lot in their sleep. Gotta Sleep offers high-quality Queen-sized memory foam mattressesthat greatly reduces motion transfer. This makes it even more desirable for couples, as getting up or rolling over won’t disrupt the other person’s sleep.

Because Queen mattresses have more room, restless sleepers can sleep the night without being woken by the people next to them as they turn in their sleep.

It’s considered the most cost effective mattress, meaning it’s the most mattress for the least expense. There’s benefits to buying the most popular mattress out there.

Queen RV - 60" x 74½"

A Queen RV bed dimensions measure 60" x 74 ½".

Essentially a Queen mattress but 5 inches shorter, the Queen RV is exactly what it sounds like. They’re made for Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailers, and Motor homes, where every bit of space matters.

It’s rarely found outside of these contexts, as the name would imply it was a size invented with nothing but RVs in mind. As a result, Gotta Sleep does not carry this size. If you find yourself in need, give us a shout.  We would be more than happy to help you.

King - 76" x 79½"

King bed dimensions measure 76" x 79½". 

At double the width of a twin, the King sized mattress offers 16 inches more wiggle room than the Queen. Even the most restless sleepers won’t disturb their partners on this massive surface. Not recommended for smaller rooms unless taking up the entire floor-space with a mattress is your idea of a perfect bedroom.

For those who often have children or pets joining them to sleep, the King sized mattress is large enough to accommodate everyone without feeling cramped. It’s highly recommended for families who have the space. We often hear couples say that once they got a King sized mattress, they couldn’t comfortably go back to a smaller size.

If you have a small bedroom, we would not recommend this large-sized mattress, but for medium to larger rooms, this is often the most comfortable choice for couples who like to spread out in their sleep.

California King - 72" x 83½"

California King bed dimensions measure 72" x 83½".  If you are looking for a mattress that can truly accommodate taller people, those who like to stretch out in their sleep or share their sleeping spaces with pets or children, nothing will beat a California King mattress.  

A little bit narrower and a hand longer, California Kings are the kings of comfort. It’s ideal for taller people who like the extra foot room, as well as those who have pets that like to sleep on the end of the bed. The extra length lowers the risk of getting kicked off in the middle of the night.

The California King’s luxurious size means you might not have the space for end tables or dressers in some bedrooms. For those with the space, the sprawling space may be worth it.

Other Considerations

When deciding on which size mattress is right for you it is important to consider a variety of influential factors. Each of these factors play a significant role in sleep quality, comfort and can help to select the perfect mattress. By carefully selecting the size of mattress you are one step closer to ensuring you can receive a proper night's sleep.

Country of Origin

Mattress sizes vary from country to country. Standard mattress sizes in Canada and the USA are mostly the same, but there are some slight variations. Common mattress sizes for the U.K. and E.U. are listed below, they don't all quite match up the same way.

Popular U.K. mattress sizes

Grand King 71 in x 79 in 180 cm x 200 cm
King 60 in x 78 in 152 cm x 198 cm
Double 53 in x 75 in 135 cm x 190 cm
Single 35.5 in x 75 in 90 cm x 190 cm

Popular European mattress sizes:

Grand King 71 in x 79 in 180 cm x 200 cm
King  63 in x 79 in 160 cm x 200 cm
Double 55 in x 79 in 140 cm x 200 cm
Single 35.5 in x 79 in 90 cm x 200 cm

If you’re not sure about the right mattress type your bed frame, and our sizing charts are a touch too confusing, you can reach out to us for clarification. Things like manufacturing procedures, padding, and types of support can all alter the mattress size. These things can vary country to country, so it’s good to check.


Your height can play a large role in determining the perfect mattress size, especially if you are taller than average. XL or California King mattresses can be ideal as since they provide more length to accommodate longer legs.

When you are unable to comfortably fit your entire body on your mattress, you are potentially compromising your quality of sleep. With the wide variety of dimensions available, no one should have to sacrifice comfort as a result of their above average height.

Room Size

The size of the bedroom or space where you would like to place the mattress is another factor to consider when choosing the perfect mattress. A mattress too small or too large can offset the feel of the bedroom and leave it feeling either empty or overloaded. If space is limited a smaller mattress is always recommended. Before making a purchase, it’s important to measure the room to figure out how much space you have to work with. You want to make sure the room has enough space to safely navigate through, and enough space for other furniture like an end table and/or dresser. Of course, if the room can accommodate a larger mattress, having more space can result in a more comfortable sleep.

Want to buy a mattress online Canada?  Choose the OMG Mattress!

Measure the Space

Before your purchase a mattress, take the time to measure the space or the bedroom that the bed will go into. This will give you an accurate idea of the size of mattress you should buy. The last thing you want is to have a mattress delivered to your house that does not fit the bedroom.

Number of Sleepers

For individual sleepers a Twin or Double size mattress will provide good amount of room to ensure a quality sleep. If you share a mattress the bigger you can afford the better. For two people a Queen or King-sized mattresses are ideal. If you’re lacking space, a double-sized mattress is the next best option.

When sharing a mattress with two adults and children or pets a King or California King sized mattress is best. These large mattresses will provide space for two or more individuals to sleep comfortably, but putting one in a too-small bedroom can be a safety hazard and make the room feel cramped and uncomfortable.

It’s important to be thorough when deciding which mattress is right for you. By choosing carefully you’re guaranteed a good quality and restful sleep. Remember that standard mattresses sizes Canada and standard mattress sizes USA, do not include bed linens.

Custom Sizes

There are some bed frames and furniture that require non-standard sized mattresses, such as the 3/4 size and other antique sizes. If you need a mattress with custom dimensions, Gotta Sleep has options outside of the standard sizes we sell to solve any and all of your sleeping needs. Whether you are looking for a mattress for your Recreational Vehicle (RV), truck, unusual room, or boat, we can custom order mattresses in specific sizes to meet your needs.

If you have any questions on mattresses dimensions or anything else, contact us!