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What’s Covered in our Limited Bedding and Base Warranty

A warranty is your protection against defective workmanship.

Our Repair or Replacement Warranty is exclusive to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred.

What’s Not Covered: The following is a general list of what’s NOT covered under your warranty.

  1. Normal wear and tear.
  2. Staining or soiling.
  3. Loose threads, pilling or stretching of fabrics.
  4. Accidental damage.
  5. Damage related to abuse such as burns, cuts, or tears.
  6. Exposure to water, or prolonged extreme hot or cold temperature.
  7. Shipping costs.

In General:

  1. If you feel you have a warranty issue, Gotta Sleep is here to help.
  2. Please save a copy of your invoice. As we regularly purge our computer files in keeping with Canada’s Privacy Act, we recommend you keep a printed copy of your original invoice or a digital copy.
  3. If your product is found to be defective, Gotta Sleep will replace it. 

We generally resolve service issues quickly.  Please allow 10 business days.

Warranty Period*:







Duvet Cover

Adjustable Bed

Warranty Period

2 Years

1 Year

Limited Lifetime

1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

*The above is a suggested warranty period.  If you have a problem after the warranty period, please contact us.

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