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Top Quality RV Mattress 

An RV Mattress with Cooling?  The Gotta Sleep Going RV Mattress is one of the only RV mattresses with cooling gel cooling and graphite cooling for those hot summer nights.


Tired of Being Hot? Get ready for the best sleep of your life!

People often find it difficult to sleep when travelling or camping, due to mattress heat build-up. Nothing plays a bigger role in getting a great night’s sleep than your mattress. Our cooling RV Mattresses are designed to offer cooler, healthier sleep.

Our RV Mattresses are available in all sizes, including RV Twin, RV Bunk & RV Queen. 

To ensure everyone gets a great night’s sleep, even in the heat of summer, Gotta Sleep created a cooling RV Mattress.Our quality RV Mattress provides a cooler, healthier sleep through the use of Cooling Graphite and Cooling Gel-infused Memory Foam.

As the best cooling RV mattress on the market, it is unique in many ways. If you are looking for a great quality pop up camper mattress, you have come to the right spot!

Features Below

  • Moisture Wicking Hollow Fibers
  • Super Soft Gel Quilt Foam
  • Phase Changing Graphite
  • Premium Hi-Density Proprietary Memory Foam with Cooling Gel
  • Hi-Density Eco-Friendly Bio 1.8 lb. Support Foam


  • Moisture Wicking Fibers - Hollow fibres ensure body perspiration is wicked away helping you to a dryer healthier sleep environment.
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Foams.
  • Cooling Gel Foam - Helps regulate temperature so you can sleep cool.
  • Cooling Graphite - Phase changing graphite is added for double temperature regulation. Graphite dissipates body heat away, providing a healthier, cooler sleep.
  • Premium High-Density Proprietary Memory Foam - Alleviates pain from arthritis and sports injuries helping you sleep all night. Takes the pressure off pressure points such as your back, ribs, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. It also eliminates motion transfer reducing sleep interruptions.
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