Hush Kids - The Children's Weighted Blanket (Spaceship, Unicorn, Iced)


If your child has a problem going to sleep at night or staying asleep, the Hush Kids Weighted Blanket offer a sense of security by simulating the feeling of a constant hug.

Now your child can sleep throughout the night and manage anxiety better, while offering you a better sleep too.

It's super comfortable and won't make them hot and is perfect for playtime, sleepovers, car rides, plane rides, or snuggling up on the couch. Reclaim their sleep today!

Fun Facts:

  • Our 5 lbs kids' blanket is 38x54 inches and is designed specifically for children between 30-80 pounds in mind.
  • The Kids CLASSIC blanket is child-friendly cover displays a unique design on either side, and is made from breathable, soft cotton.
  • Choose "Iced Kids" to receive our Hush Iced bamboo and cotton grey cooling cover to regulate your child's temperature.
  • The cover is easy to remove by zipper to throw in the wash.
  • The inner weighted blanket is made of a super comfortable microfibre material, which means your child can sleep directly under it too.
  • Great for children experiencing stress, growth pains, and trouble falling asleep.

Give Your Kids an Amazing Sleep

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