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Why You need a Mattress Protector

Author: Eric Buchfink

This article describes why you need a mattress protector.  Mattress protectors are an important part of a clean and hygienic sleep environment. Gotta Sleep offers a range of next to medical grade, antimicrobial mattress and pillow protectors. 

Improve your Health with Gotta Sleep Antimicrobial Mattress and Pillow Protectors

Using a mattress protector can protect your mattress from moisture, dust mites, allergens, mold and mildew. Our Gotta Sleep antimicrobial mattress and pillow protectors are also embedded with silver chloride agents. These protectors will ensure the most hygienic pillow and mattress protection on the market.

GottaSleep offers both an ambient temperature or cooler 5-sided mattress protector. 

Will I feel the Mattress Protector When I Sleep?

Our mattress protectors are so thin they won't take away from the comfort of your mattress. You’ll rest easier knowing you're protecting your mattress with a barrier that keeps out moisture, allergens, dust mites, mold and mildew. Protectors that promote a healthier sleep,and extend mattress life.

Order your antimicrobial mattress protector today! 



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