What is the Mattress to Have for the Best Sleep Possible?

What is the mattress to have for the best sleep possible?  It’s an important question, since sleep is important for your overall health.

Having a quality, uninterrupted sleep will rejuvenate and repair both your brain and your body. You want to wake feeling rested, recharged, and rejuvenated … ready to take on the day.

Sometimes a good night’s sleep doesn’t come naturally. If you’ve tried every trick in the book, but are still sleeping poorly, a new mattress could be the key to sleep success. You may need a mattress that contours better to your body and reduces pressure points.

How Does a Mattress Affect Sleep?

According to an article in Web Md, this all has to do with your body’s network of capillaries that run beneath your skin. If you lie on any part of your body for a length of time, that part of your body will experience reduced blood flow, as your skin isn’t getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs. It’s nerve cells in your skin that communicate to your brain the need to turn over, because it’s uncomfortable. Rolling over helps blood flow to that area, but at the same time it disturbs your sleep.

Choosing the Right Mattress for You.

Contrary to what some online websites advertise, mattresses are not “one size fits all”, and the most expensive mattress isn’t necessarily the best one for you. Mattress technology has come a long way. For example, memory foam mattresses conform to the body, support the spine and lower back, reduce tossing and turning and sleep interruptions, and provide relief to joint pain. And if memory foam is infused with gel or graphite, like our OMG, it regulates temperature and provides a cooler healthier sleep. Those wanting these benefits from their mattress may want to look at one with memory foam. Heavier sleepers might have totally different needs, so that’s good to look in to.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, check out GottaSleep’s OMG mattress.


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