What do Dreams Mean?

What do Dreams Mean? Many people believe that your dreams are gateways into your subconscious mind. Interpreting the messages hidden in your dreams can lead to a much-improved life. Having a dream dictionary can help you interpret your dreams, figure out what they mean for you, and how they can help improve your life. Here are the top ten most common dreams and the meaning behind them.

#1. Being chased

Being chased in a dream is often caused by anxiety and pressure to perform in real life. This may be caused by an approaching deadline or a confrontation with a person. In these dreams, you are usually being chased by a person looking to harm you in some way. Running from them, trying to outsmart them, or just hiding all represent ways of coping with your anxiety. Rather than confronting the problem, you are avoiding it.

Determining who or what is chasing you can tell you a lot about the situation that is causing you anxiety This person or thing can be anyone, from your boss to yourself. Often times, you are being chased by a version of yourself that represents an emotion you are not acknowledging such as anger, jealousy, or even love. Your dream is trying to get you to face these emotions.

Alternatively, if you are the one chasing someone or something else, you may be feeling like you’re being undermined in some way, powerless, or unable to achieve your goal. In cases like these it is important to remember your strengths and concentrate on working toward a goal that compliments those strengths rather than the unattainable one you have set for yourself.

#2. Being lost or trapped

Being lost in a dream can mean a number of things. Usually, they are linked with a feeling of confusion or a lack of direction. Determining the environment in which you are lost is the biggest hint as to what is causing your distress. You may be feeling lost because of a sudden change in your life that has derailed previous plans. It may also represent a lack of change, or the inability to move forward in a meaningful way. You may be confused about where to take your life and your career.

Being lost may also indicate a fear of leaving behind what is familiar to you. This can be interpreted also as finding a new beginning and having a clean slate to work with. There are several specific variations of this dream that mean different things.

  • Looking for a lost item: Spiritually, looking for lost objects can indicate a search for enlightenment, especially if you are not sure what you are looking for exactly.
  • Lost in a maze: Being lost in a maze or a labyrinth, unlike the other dreams, indicates that you are being actively hindered in your attempts to find you. Figure out what you feel like is in your way or pushing you off track and confronting that problem.
  • Other person is lost: If someone else is lost in your dream, it may mean you have unresolved feeling or issues with that person. It may also represent a lost opportunity.
  • Happily Wandering Alone: This kind of dream may be your mind’s way of telling you that your problems are not external, but rather they are within you, and you must look within yourself to solve these problems.

#3. Being sick, hurt, or dying

#Sickness or infections in dreams represent ideas, people, or issues that are slowly harming you. These can be bad habits, toxic relationships, or even debt. Dreaming of your teeth falling out is another common dream under this category. These kinds of dreams can have roots in the physical realm, as your mind may be telling you that you’re grinding your teeth. Alternatively, it can be a manifestation of your fears about how people perceive you either in appearance or personality.

Seeing death in your dreams in rarely an omen, but rather a figurative message. Depending on who is dead or dying, it can represent a part of you that is no longer functioning, or it can mean that you are disposing of the old and ready to welcome something new.

#4. Car crashes

Car crashes often represent frustration and tension in your efforts to achieve your goals. You may be moving too fast, which can be dangerous, or you could lose control while driving. Moving too fast can indicate that you’re being reckless in your attempt to get ahead. Losing control while driving may mean that you’re not fully in control of your journey and you should be more careful. Hitting pedestrians is your mind’s way of warning you that your mistakes may hurt other people, and hitting cars can mean the same for someone else’s aspirations.

#5. Losing your house or property

Losing your house, or other property is common in dreams when you feel as though something you value is at risk. This can be an object, like your home or car, but can also translate to relationships. You may be worried that someone is slipping away or your way of life is changing. Alternatively, gaining new property is also common. This kind of dream represents the opposite of losing your home. It represents opportunity and improvement in your life.

#6. Failing a test

Dreams about tests are common even years after graduating school and college. These dreams often indicate that you are feeling stressed about a problem you are currently facing. You may feel challenged or unprepared for the trial. It is important to emphasize your strengths and note the positives rather than the negatives. Focusing on what could go right rather than what could go wrong is a good way to tackle the aftermath of this dream.

#7. Falling or flying

Falling is one of the most common dreams. Falling often means that you feel out of control in your life. Identify the cause of your uneasiness in life and it should resolve the issue your mind was warning you about. Anxiety about losing your place can also cause these dreams. You may be feeling like you’re slipping away from your friends, or that you’re losing your place in your social circles.

Flying is also a common feeling in dreams. Unlike falling, flying means you are in control. It is your mind’s way of exploring your inner creativity. Flying is a good sign and often leaves you happy when you wake up.

#8. Being inappropriately dressed

If you find yourself in your underwear when everyone else is wearing suits and dresses, you may be feeling insecure about how people perceive you. Being under dressed indicates self doubt. You may be feeling like you don’t meet people’s standards, or that you’re falling short of your own standards. Being overdressed may mean that you see yourself as superior to others.

The clothing we wear in dreams represents parts of out personality and our character. If they are stripped away, all you are left with is your truest self. If you are naked in a dream, pay attention to how it makes you feel. If you were embarrassed, then determine which part of yourself you’re insecure about and confront it. If you felt liberated instead, it may mean that its time to liberate yourself of pretenses in real life and become your truest self.

#9. Missing a train or bus

Missing a train, or any other public transportation, indicates a missed opportunity. A train that is stuck at the station however, means that there are problems that you need to resolve before you can move forward. Missing a train may also be a good thing, as public transportation often represents feelings of being out of control. Someone else is driving you to your destination. Missing the train may indicate that it is time to make your own way to your destination.

#10. Disasters

Disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes are sudden and devastating. Similarly, dreams about them indicate a sudden change that has thrown your life into turmoil, and you must bring balance back. It can also represent your inner fears and anxieties, as these kinds of dreams are often pessimistic.

Disaster dreams can also be a warning from your subconscious that you are doing too many things at the same time, or that you have too many responsibilities to keep track of at the expense of your personal health and peace of mind. Take time to reorganize your priorities if a hurricane blows through your dreams.


Dream dictionaries are a great way to keep in touch with your subconscious and interpret the messages in your dreams. Navigating the surreal landscapes and stories within your dreams can be difficult, but as you learn the meaning behind all of the little messages hidden in your dreams, you get more opportunities to wield that information effectively and proper in your waking life. So keep a dream dictionary by your bed and dream on.


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