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RV Mattress Guide

Author: Shihab Howlader

Summer is the perfect time for a vacation with a great RV mattress. It’s time for you to take advantage of the great Canadian wilderness and go on a camping trip. You look out the window to the trailer that has been sitting in the yard, untouched all season. That trailer brings to mind a lot of good memories about camping: Early mornings, fresh air, peaceful hikes, roasted marshmallows and an aching back. I mean, waking up with a few cricks in your neck is fundamental to camping, especially with that lumpy mattress that came with the trailer. 

That kind of experience may be a little nostalgic, but now there are options to get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed in your RV without breaking the bank. Technology has come a long way, and you’d be surprised what you can fit in your RV and stay under the load limit. 

You Have a RV Mattress, but...

There’s a good reason that RV mattresses were made the way they are. When driving with a trailer attached, or in a self driving RV, you need to consider the weight you’re pulling. Less weight translates to better gas mileage, which is very desirable if you plan on driving long distances (especially if you live in BC!) Having lighter things in the RV also means you can carry more things without pushing the weight limit of your ride. So, RV mattresses were made to be lighter, which mostly meant reducing the amount of material used. RV mattresses are also smaller than traditional mattresses, because of the space restrictions within an RV. Mobile homes are set up in a number of ways, so RV mattresses need to match those specifications. This means in-between sizes and custom measurements. Some mattresses may also need to fold, which lends itself well to softer material like memory foam. 

With how varied RV setups can be, it’s hard to standardize RV mattress sizes. However, that doesn’t mean that the industry hasn’t tried. Standard RV mattress sizes use the same or similar titles to their traditional counterparts, however, they differ in measurement. The RV Queen short measures 60 x 75in, which is just a few inches shorter than a traditional queen size mattress. Similarly, RV king size mattresses measure 72 x 80in, which is 4 inches narrower than a traditional King size mattress. So, when looking for a new mattress for your RV, remember to take measurements, as you might need a custom solution. 

What are RV Mattress' Made Of?

Now that you know what size mattress you need, it’s time to consider the material. Spring mattresses tend to be heavier than their memory foam counterparts on account of the steel needed for the springs. So if weight is your primary concern, go with a memory foam mattress. They are becoming cheaper to buy, and have a number of benefits over a spring mattress, such as better body contouring and less motion transfer. The issue with memory foam is how hot they can get. On muggy summer nights, the last thing you want is to wake up covered in sweat.

Fortunately, new memory foam mattresses are closing the gap in that category. For example, the RV mattress by Gotta Sleep has a layer of foam with graphite and cooling gel in it. The cooling gel is still pretty exclusive, but that doesn’t mean that it’s more expensive than other varieties.  

Protect Your Investment!

If you only take the RV out in the summer, it will no doubt spend a lot of time alone in your yard without any supervision. Let’s be serious, how often do you go out to the trailer in the winter to just air it out? Chances are, not often, if at all. A closed up RV left alone for months at a time can get a bit musty and thick. It doesn’t help that mattresses tend to absorb sweat and oils from your skin. So how do you prevent this? Well, step one would be to get a good mattress protector. Mattress protectors are essential, yet so many people still sleep without one. Protectors for your RV mattress will help eliminate the source of some of that musty smell and make your RV a fresher environment. 


When buying an RV mattress, consider the size, weight, and the materials. In general, spring mattresses are the cheapest way to meet all of your demands, however, they can make for uncomfortable nights. Memory foam mattresses have a number of benefits over spring mattresses, but they sleep hotter than most other types of mattresses, which can be very uncomfortable on summer camping trips, not to mention some of them can be pretty expensive depending on your needs. High density memory foam with a layer infused with graphite cooling gel makes for the most comfortable RV mattress, and isn’t more expensive than many other memory foam options. Also, don’t forget to purchase a mattress protector to keep your mattress fresh and extend its lifespan. Now get out there and buy a mattress worth making memories with. 


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