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You’ve been having aches for a while now, and decide it’s time for a new memory foam mattress. It’s a simple thing: Go online, order a mattress, and when it arrives, your problems will be solved! Or so you thought, but your neck still hurts, and you find yourself tossing and turning. Could all of those nice things people said about memory foam be fake? Fortunately, you didn’t waste your money. Memory foam is a wonderful alternative to innerspring mattresses.

So what’s the solution? You may be in need of better pillows. Down pillows are soft, but they fall short when it comes to supporting your body. 17% of your spine is located in your neck, so it’s important to keep it relaxed when you can. Memory foam pillows are great for just that, and they’re comfortable too. Here are a few reasons to consider upgrading to a memory foam pillow.


The most obvious benefit of memory foam is the improved support provided by the material. Memory foam contours to your head while you sleep, allowing it to support your head and neck without being uncomfortable. Your head won’t push the material to the sides, like down pillows, ensuring you don’t sink to the bottom and rest your head awkwardly in the valley you’ve made.

The main benefit of the support is the pain relief. Memory foam distributes your weight more evenly, so your pressure points won’t be triggered and you’ll be more relaxed while you sleep. This relaxation leads to a better night’s sleep and all the benefits that entails. If you find that the memory foam pillow still causes you pain, you may need to re-evaluate the way you sleep. Sleeping positions also affect the alignment of your spine. Consult this handy guide to find out the best sleeping posture for you.

In addition to all of these wonderful benefits, having proper spine alignment while you sleep is also known to reduce or eliminate snoring. So, if your partner snores, a memory foam pillow may be just the thing you need.


Memory foam pillows are more expensive than cotton or down stuffed pillows, but this extra cost translates to a higher quality product. Memory foam pillows last much longer than other pillows. Generally, you’re supposed to change synthetic stuffed pillows every eighteen months. Feather pillows can last as long as 7 years if taken care of. You can use a memory foam mattress for up to three years before you need a replacement.

Pillows need to be replaced for a number of reasons. Structure is an important one. Pillows stuffed with synthetic materials tend to lose their structure after a year, meaning your neck won’t be as well supported. Organic materials such as feathers can be fluffed up and shaped to your liking. Memory foam pillows retain their structure for three years or more. It will take a while, but when your memory foam pillow stops returning to its original shape quickly, it’s time for a new one.

So what advantage do memory foam pillows have in this category against feather pillows? Well, memory foam pillows are more hygienic than feather pillows. Memory foam pillows have a cover that can be washed easily to prevent build up of sweat, oil and bacteria. Feather pillows tend to absorb all of those things and in a year or two will be ready for a replacement unless you take steps to keep them clean .


Feather pillows and synthetically stuffed pillows often release small fibers as your sleep on them, fluff them up, or hit a friend during a pillow fight. Memory foam does not release any fibers, making it impossible for you to inhale these particles and suffer the consequences. Memory foam pillows are also less prone to bacterial, fungal and dust mite build ups making them cleaner and potentially, a best friend for someone with allergies or sensitivities.


Your pillow is an important part of your life, as you spend about a third of your life asleep. As such, you should make sure you have a good pillow to get the most out of your nights. Memory foam pillows offer a number of benefits over down or synthetic pillows. They offer more support, are more durable,hygienic, and are better for allergies.


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