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Mattress in a Box

Author: Jesse Tutt

Bed in a box 101: Ordering a mattress online.

Not too long ago, bed in a box online stores didn't exist.  Mattress shopping consisted of visiting several mattress stores over the weekend. We wouldn’t have dreamed of ordering a mattress online. You'd walk into the store, get greeted by a sales associate, and then proceed to lay down on a multitude of mattresses until you found one that ‘felt right’. It was a chore, but necessary if you wanted to improve your sleep with a mattress upgrade.

Purchasing a mattress is far easier when buying a mattress in a box. Canada-based companies like Gotta Sleep offer high-quality, memory foam mattresses manufactured right here at home. You choose the mattress online, and we ship it to your home. Then you can start getting a better night’s rest without the painful hassle of visiting mattress box stores all weekend. Read 4 things to consider before buying furniture.

But How Do You Get a Mattress in a Box?

That's the beauty of foam. We can compress it and roll it, so it fits into a nice and easy-to-ship box. When it comes to your door, you just take it out of the box, unroll it, and let it decompress. It won’t be long until your mattress is back to mattress shape, and ready to be made and slept in.

High density memory foam is made of a material called polyurethane. This type of foam has open air cells, which can be compressed for shipping, and offer you the memory foam comfort that's so good for your body. It will conform to your body when you’re sleeping, and by perfectly contouring to your body, it provides great neck and spine support. It also takes the pressure off sometimes painful joint areas like your shoulders, ribs, elbows, hips and knees. And when you get up, memory foam springs back into shape. The very nature of memory foam allows us to roll it up and ship it to your door in a box. 

What’s so Great About a Mattress in a Box?

In Canada, buying a mattress in a store can be a chore. More than that, you end up spending a lot more for a box store mattress than one purchased online with Gotta Sleep. Why? You’re paying for all that overhead!

Gotta Sleep doesn’t have to lease a massive, expensive showroom. We don’t have to pay utilities on that space, and we certainly don’t have to hire commission sales associates. Our storefront is our website (which you don’t pay for) and our mattresses basically sell themselves! Even Mom Bloggers love them.

In addition to our OMG mattress, Gotta Sleep offers mattress protectors, pillows, pillow protectors and other great products online.

Also, we ship for FREE to all 10 Canadian provinces from coast to coast. There is a charge to ship to Canadian territories, so contact our support team at 888-251-7727 if that applies to you.

How Can You Buy a Mattress Without Testing it First?

Choosing a mattress is a big decision. It must be just right in terms of firmness, comfort and overall support. How can anyone purchase a mattress sight unseen?

Those of us who manufacture and can sell you a mattress in a box in Canada understand why you might be apprehensive about the process. That is why we offer a 101-night trail on our mattresses. So go ahead and order your OMG mattress online. We’ll ship it right to your door. Make up the bed with your favourite, cozy bedding, tuck yourself in and give it a go. 

If during one of those 101 nights you wake up feeling like you’ve made the wrong choice, return it! We recommend that you try it for 30 days, but will provide you with a full refund at any time during your trial. There are some conditions. For example, we can only allow one free trial refund per customer. We can’t, obviously, refund a mattress purchased from a competitor or review site. And if the mattress is soiled or stained, we can’t really take that back either. To qualify for 101 night free refund, you need to purchase a mattress protector from us. Read more about our 101-day trial here. 

Why are People Choosing Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses have become increasingly popular. More and more Canadians are choosing a high-quality memory foam mattress over a conventional spring mattress. You’ll love how comfortable the mattress feels against your body. Even though you sink in, there is a dense base layer that offers the support your body needs for a healthy and restful sleep.

Anyone that normally suffers from joint pain or other chronic pain will appreciate memory foam. The medical field has been using memory foam for decades as it takes pressure off joint pressure points such as your knees, hips, elbows, ribs and shoulders. 

Our OMG mattress is also designed to keep you cool at night. It's infused with cooling gel and graphite. Both components act as cooling agents, so as your body heats up in your sleep, it’s wicked away and absorbed in the mattress. If you run hot at night, you’ll love this feature.

Memory foam also reduces motion transfer. If your partner tosses and turns or wakes you up getting up in the night, you’ll love our OMG. Because the memory foam absorbs weight, pressure and movement, you’ll sleep soundly on your side without being disturbed by movement on the other side of the bed.

Read to shop? Check out the OMG 10.5” cooling mattress (in a box)!


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