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Mattress Buying Guide: Tips to Buying a Better Mattress

by Eric Buchfink December 28, 2018 2 min read

Gotta Sleep | Mattress Buying Guide: 15 Tips to a Better Mattress

A better sleep is crucial to your health and well being, and nothing improves sleep more than sleeping on the mattress that’s best suited to your needs.

Shopping for a new mattress can be overwhelming. Aggressive commission sales associates, mattress jargon, and a wild array of prices all ads to the confusion. It’s one of the reasons to consider buying a new mattress online.

The tips included in this mattress buying guide will help you shop smarter when it comes to buying a mattress that’s right for you.

  1. Mattress technology changes often, so do some online research before shopping to find out what type of mattress you’re most likely to prefer. Today’s choices will include features such as soy based foam, memory foam, gel infused memory foam, synthetic or natural latex, pocket coils and/or combinations of these.
  2. Buy from someone you trust. If a website gives you a bad feeling, don't bother trusting it!
  3. Don’t rush. Make sure you do your research.
  4. Consider an lifestyle adjustable bed in place of a regular foundation. Today’s new lifestyle beds offer a number of lifestyle features that can truly elevate your sleep experience.
  5. Sleep with the right pillows, soft comfortable sheets, and comfy duvets that can completely change your sleep experience, and should be considered alongside your new mattress.
  6. Shop for the mattress that’s best suited to your needs versus the lowest price. Determine what you need and shop with benefits in mind. Some mattresses sleep hot, others sleep cold. Memory foam cradles, while latex adds bounce. Specialty foams like memory foam and latex, as well as pocket coils reduce sleep interruptions ... others do not.
  7. If you have a partner, make sure you shop together to get an accurate sense of together comfort.
  8. Know the dimensions of your room, so that you can determine the size of mattress that will fit. Studies show that when it comes to sleeping with a partner, larger beds provide better sleep, by reducing sleep interruptions from partner movement, so if you have the room for a larger mattress you should always consider this when shopping.
  9. Firmnessis a personal choice, but don’t fall for the myth that you need a hard surface for the best support. A good mattress should provide firm spinal and lower back support, while at the same feel plush and comfortable, but as everyone's plush feel varies, always buy what feels best to you.
  10. Don’t test a mattress by sitting on its edge or pressing down on the surface. The edge of a mattress always feels very different than the center.
    Eric Buchfink
    Eric Buchfink

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