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King Size Bed Dimensions | Mattress Sizes

Author: Jesse Tutt

When you are looking to extend your sleeping space a luxurious king size bed may be the solution.

King Bed Size Dimensions

The king size bed measures 76" x 79½" and is 16” inches larger than a queen size mattress. 
The average length of a king bed is 79 ½" and the average width of a king bed is 76". If you are looking for even more sleeping space another option is a California king bed. This size is perfect for those people who require extra leg room. 


Larger is better

A larger mattress offers the best of both worlds. More real estate with the ability to be close with your partner when you want to.
Once you have a king sized mattress, you will never go back. You can spread your arms and legs out without disrupting your partner!
A full size mattress is perfect for couples and families. If you like a little extra room, this is the bed for you.  
Being able to spread out in your most comfortable position can be a key factor in your quality of sleep. A high quality and restful sleep ensures that you are full of energy for the busy days ahead.
Ensuring your mattress fits your entire family's needs is important. In our everyday busy lives, those extra moments of sleep can make a huge difference.
Couples who have switched from a queen size mattress to a king size, almost always share they never will go back. Extra breathing room between you and your partner makes a world of difference in a good night's rest.
Larger mattresses offer less motion transfer between you and your partner. Any disruption is spread across a large surface area. A sleep, not interrupted ensures you wake up in the morning ready to tackle whatever the day has in store for you!  
Although the bed is slightly smaller width wise it is much longer length wise. This can be a more appropriate option for those who have long legs or families with pets that snuggle in at the bottom of the bed.

California Bed Size

The California king bed measures 72” x 83½”. The average length of a California king bed is 72" and the average width of a king bed is 83½". When purchasing a king or California king sized mattress you will require new bedding as it will need to be large enough to fit over the mattress.
When purchasing new bedding it is important to ensure the dimensions will fit the mattress appropriately as some bedding sizes can vary slightly. Before purchasing a king sized bed, make sure it will fit comfortably into the desired room.
Measuring the room is the first step in deciding if a king sized bed is right for you and your family.
For more information on mattress sizes and dimensions you can look at the chart available on our Gotta Sleep website:


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