A mattress has the potential of encouraging sleep, or robbing you of it.

In order for a mattress to do the job it’s supposed to do, it must be both comfortable and supportive.

The following may help you determine whether or not you need a new mattress.

  1. You have a tough time falling asleep!
  2. You wake up frequently while sleeping!
  3. You toss and turn while sleeping!
  4. You disturb your partner when sleeping!
  5. You wake up with lower back pain!
  6. You wake up with tenderness in your elbows, ribs, shoulders, and hips!
  7. Your mattress sleeps too hot or cold!
  8. You don’t feel rested, recharged, and rejuvenated on waking!
  9. You sleep better when you’re away from home!
  10. Your mattress no longer feels comfortable!
  11. Your mattress no longer feels supportive!
  12. Your mattress is lumpy or sagging!

Most importantly, if your body needs to conform to your mattress, your mattress is not providing support, and should be replaced. With new understandings of the human body, we know that the natural skeletal curves of the body require support. These skeletal curves include the arch of the foot in the standing position, and the small of the back in the seated or lying position.

If the mattress you’re sleeping on does not conform and support the arch in the lower back, it can cause pinching of spinal discs. A mattress that conforms to the shape of your lower back allows your discs to absorb water and nutrients as you sleep, preparing them for the cushioning they need to provide to your spine when you’re awake.

Waking up with pain in your lower back is a pretty good indicator that your current mattress is not providing adequate spine and lower back support.

If you’re tossing and turning a lot as you sleep, your mattress is most likely cutting off much needed oxygen to body parts (pressure points such as elbows, ribs, shoulders, hips and knees). As a result, your brain asks for relief by getting you to turn. Many of today’s mattresses come with coils and specialty foams that provide relief to body pressure points, thereby reducing tossing and turning.

If these problems sound too familiar, it might be time for a new sleeping arrangement. Look into our well priced OMG mattress to see if it works for you!


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