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Size Matters: Understanding the Many Sizes and Dimensions of a Double Bed

Author: Jesse Tutt

About 35% of people don't get enough sleep. 

For some people, this might be due to bad habits. But for many people, it all comes down to the quality of your mattress. For example, you'll probably have a hard time getting to sleep if your bed is too small or full of painful springs. 

If this sounds like you, buying a new mattress might be enough to improve your sleep.

But before you go shopping, you need to understand the size of a double bed / double bed size and dimensions. That's why we've put together this guide to help you find the right size bed for your needs. 

So let's get started! 

What Is a Double Bed?

A Double bed is the standard size for single sleepers. 

In other words, it's bigger than a twin mattress (and even a twin XL mattress) but smaller than a queen. 

But why is this bed called a "double" bed when it's designed for single sleepers. 

Well, you can fit two people on a Double bed. However, many people sharing their bed with someone else want a little more space to spread out. Because of this, most married couples or other bed sharers have queen beds instead. 

But don't let the Double bed's name throw you off. 

A Double bed can also be called a Full bed. Many people use the two names interchangeably. So if you fo shopping for a Double bed but can't find one in the store, look for a Full bed instead. 

Though the names are different, Double and Full beds are the exact same size. 

What Size Is a Double Bed?

This might seem like a simple question, but it doesn't have a simple answer. 


Because the size "double bed" technically includes every mattress that can fit more than one person. When you ask what size a Double bed is, you have a lot of different mattress types to go through, including Queen and King. 

But don't panic. We've put together a helpful list of the different sizes of a Double bed below. 

Understanding the Different Dimensions of a Double Bed

When it comes to bed sizes, there are more than just double, queen, and king. You should understand these mattress dimensions before you pick one for your home. 

Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know. 

1. Standard Double Bed 

The average size of a standard Double bed is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. However, these dimensions can vary somewhat depending on the manufacturer. 

Who Can Sleep in This Bed?

Again, this bed size can fit two people, but it's a tight fit. 

That's why this bed has become the standard size for single sleepers. The bed has plenty of space to spread out and enough space left over for a child or pet. It's also a good option for teenagers who have outgrown their Twin mattresses and need a little more space. 

Since you can fit more than one person on this mattress, it can also serve as a guest bed. 

2. Double XL 

This bed has the same width as a standard Double mattress, but it's about five inches longer. In other words, a Double XL mattress dimensions are 54 inches by 80 inches. 

Who Can Sleep in This Bed?

A Double XL bed is designed for tall people who need a little bit more space than a standard Double bed can give them. It's also a good choice for people who want a bigger bed but don't have quite enough space for a Queen size. 

3. Queen 

Just like how a Double bed is the standard size for single sleepers, a Queen bed is the standard size for double sleepers. It's much bigger than a Double bed with a width of 60 inches and a length of 80 inches. 

Who Can Sleep in This Bed?

This bed can fit two people comfortably. Even if you move around in your sleep, you won't bump into the other person sleeping with you. 

A Queen bed can also fit into most modern bedrooms, so unless you're tight for space, you shouldn't have a problem buying a queen bed. 

4. Queen RV 

A Queen RV is a few inches shorter than a normal queen mattress. Because of this, it's usually used in recreational vehicles. Instead of being a full 80 inches in length, this mattress is 75 inches long instead—but the width is still the same. 

Who Can Sleep in This Bed?

Even though this bed is a bit shorter than a normal Queen, it still gives two people plenty of room. 

Obviously, if you're looking for an RV mattress, you should stick with a Queen RV. You can also buy this mattress if you don't have quite enough space for a full Queen. 

5. Olympic Queen 

An Olympic Queen mattress is the biggest type of Queen bed out there. It's 66 inches wide and 80 inches long. 

Who Can Sleep in This Bed?

Olympic Queens make a good alternative for King mattresses if you don't have quite enough space. Two people and their two dogs could sleep on this bed without even touching each other. 

6. King 

The average size of a King mattress is 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. This is one of the biggest mattresses you can find on the market. 

Who Can Sleep in This Bed?

Before you decide to buy a king bed, you have to make sure you room is big enough to hold it. After all, this bed can sleep two adults and two children at the same time. You might even be able to squeeze a pet on, too. 

7. California King

A California King is actually somewhat narrower than a traditional King bed. Instead of being 76 inches wide, it's only 72 inches wide. 

But it makes up for the loss in width when it comes to length. A California King mattress has an extra four inches in length, making it a total of 84 inches long. 

Who Can Sleep in This Bed?

This mattress is good for tall people who want their fair share of space. Since the bed is skinnier than a normal King, you might not be able to fit two children on the bed with you. However, you can sleep comfortably with two adults, one child, and a pet at your feet.

8. Texas King

A Texas King is the biggest mattress size out there. It's a full 80 inches wide and 98 inches long. 

Who Can Sleep in This Bed?

You have to have a pretty spacious room to fit this monster bed. But if you want something that'll give you a lot of arm and leg room, this is the bed for you. You can practically fit a whole family on this bed. 

Does Material Effect the Size?

It might surprise you to learn that the answer to this question is yes. 

The mattress material can actually change the dimensions of the bed by a half-inch or so. So once you pick the mattress size you want, here's what you need to consider about the material. 

Foam Mattress 

Most foam mattresses match up to the size they're advertised as. Foam mattresses are more flexible than coil mattresses, so you won't have trouble stretching a sheet over each corner. 

Coil Mattress 

Coil mattresses, on the other hand, are a lot harder and sturdier than foam mattresses. Because of this, you might have trouble fitting a sheet over a Queen mattress that's exactly 60 inches by 80 inches. 

To make this job easier, your queen mattress might actually be 59 1/2 inches by 79 1/2 inches instead. 

But don't let the smaller size worry you. Every mattress must (legally) be within an inch of their advertised size. So if you buy a Queen mattress that's advertised as 60 inches by 80 inches, the smallest it can be is 59 inches by 79 inches. 

How to Pick the Right Mattress Size for You

There are several factors you have to consider when it comes to picking the right bed for your needs. If you're in the market for a new bed, here are a few of the questions you should ask yourself first. 

How Big Is Your Room?

The first thing you think about when you're getting ready to buy a new mattress is the size of your room. It doesn't matter if you want a Queen or King bed. If your room is too small, you might have to settle for a Double bed instead. 

Take the time to measure your room before you do any shopping. 

How Tall Are You?

If you're a tall person, you might want to consider investing in a longer-than-average mattress. This might mean you buy a Double XL or a Queen. 

You should also think about your weight. 

Bigger people will benefit from larger mattresses. Not only do they offer more support, but they also give you more space to spread out and get comfortable. 

What Is Your Sleep Style?

Do you wake up in the same position you fall asleep in? Do you toss and turn the entire night? Do you sleep in a curled up ball? Do you spread across the entire bed?

If you don't take up a lot of space when you sleep, you might like the cozy feel or a Double bed. But if you need room to move around, you might want to invest in a Queen, especially if you're sharing the bed with someone else. 

How Many People Will Be Sleeping in the Bed?

You probably won't need anything bigger than a Double or a Queen mattress if you're sleeping by yourself. 

If you're sharing the bed with another adult, you shouldn't get anything smaller than a Queen. In fact, you might even want to get a King if you are both tall or move around a lot in your sleep. 

People with young children should also consider buying a Queen or King-sized mattress. This will allow you to still get some sleep when your kids climb into your bed at night. 

A Queen bed can fit two adults and one child if you're okay with a tight squeeze. But if you have more than one kid who regularly climbs into your bed, you might want King. 

What Stage of Life Are You In?

If you're a young adult still living in your first apartment, you might want to stick to something small you can upgrade later. A Double bed (or even a Twin XL) might be the best option until you settle down in a permanent location. 

It's also hard to move large beds. 

People who plan on moving in the near future might want to buy a Double bed as well. It'll make the moving process easier and faster. 

But if you've settled down in your own home, you can go as big as you can afford. 

What's Your Budget?

You shouldn't go into debt for a mattress. 

While a quality mattress is well worth the money, don't buy something that's out of your price range. If you really want a King bed, take the time to save until you have the money to spend on it. 

The most economical mattress is the Queen. So if you want the most bed for your buck, you should consider buying a Queen mattress.

Your Guide to Double Bed Sizes and Dimensions

Shopping for a new mattress is harder than picking something that looks comfortable. In fact, before you even think about the material, you need to pick the right size first. Otherwise, you'll end up with a bed that's too small or much, much too big. 

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