Buying a Mattress Online?

Buying a Mattress Online?

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Trying out dozens of mattresses can be confusing. After a while they all start to all feel the same!No confusion. One mattress that will suit 90% of consumers!
Huge overhead. Brick and Mortar stores pay huge storefront and warehouse rents. And there’s utilities, salaries, commissions, and multi-media advertising!Low overhead. Virtually no rent, utilities, and salaries. No commissions, and low-cost SEO, website, and YouTube advertising.
Fancy showrooms make for fancy prices!No fancy showrooms! No fancy prices!
Misleading 50% to 70% off advertising!We don’t mark up our prices just to mark them down!
Negotiation required on prices!Fair, forthright pricing for everyone!
No privacy to try our products!Try out your new mattress in private for 100 nights!
Hassled on returns!Hassle-free refund!
The high pressure used car sales associates!No high-pressure sales tactics!
Delivery fees!Free delivery (some remote exclusions)!
Told you’ll know in minutes if you’ll like it!You get 101 nights to find out if it’s right for you!
Lies! Lies! Lies! No features and benefits sheets to know what you’re getting! Most sales associates don’t know what’s in the mattress you’re looking at, or the benefit of features, so they make up content and benefits!We tell you what’s in our mattress, along with the benefits you can expect from the features!

See more about how brick and mortar stores rip you off here.


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