Best Mattress For Back Pain In Canada

Best Mattress For Back Pain Canada

Best Mattress For Back Pain In Canada

Millions of people have back pain.  As a result, people often wonder what is the best mattress for back pain in Canada?  

Back pain is very common in people around the world and acute back pain can be caused by a lot of different things, such as standing on hard surfaces for too long, sitting with bad posture, lifting heavy objects, and of course, sleeping on a bad mattress. These are all things that with a little effort you can fix easily. A good mattress is key to a good night’s sleep and a healthy back.

Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain Sufferers In Canada

The Source of the Problem

The problem with a lot of mattresses that cause back pain is that they fail to support your back. Just like how standing on a hard concrete floor for hours can make the arch of your foot ache, sleeping on a mattress that fails to support your back will make your backache. 

When your mattress is too soft, your body will sink into the bed, causing your back to compensate for the lack of support. So while it may be satisfying to sink into a soft mattress at the end of a long day, you will find yourself tossing and turning all night. 

When your mattress is too hard, your body tries to maintain its arch, engaging the muscles in your back. This causes them to become stressed and weakened when you wake up in the morning. The tension in your back also causes the disks between your vertebrae to become compressed, which is the source of the discomfort. 

So What About the Mattress?

Everyone sleeps differently, so no single mattress will be perfect for everyone. However, research supports that sleeping on your back is the ideal position for spinal alignment and pain relief. Researchers have also concluded that medium-firm mattresses are best for sleeping on your back, as they support your spine and encourage proper alignment. Given these two factors, we can determine the best type of mattress to relieve muscle pain. 

Inner spring mattresses are the most common type of mattress, and still make up a large portion of mattress sales today. The problem with inner spring mattresses is that they simply conform to the shape of your back, and do not offer the same support a foam mattress would. 

Pocket coils improve on the design by having individually encased springs, however, they still fall short of being the ideal mattress to prevent or treat back pain. While they are good at supporting your back where it needs it, they fail to relieve other pressure points such as your shoulders. Tension in these areas can be as uncomfortable as the back pain you are trying to get rid of.

So, what mattress do we think is the best mattress for back pain in Canada?

The OMG Mattress uses medium-firm memory foam. This means that it will not only support your back’s natural alignment, but it will also relieve the pressure points around your shoulders, ribs, hips, and knees. Memory foam and Latex foam solutions are the ideal materials for supportive and comfortable mattresses. So, if you’re looking for the best firm mattress for back pain in Canada, the OMG Mattress might be your best shot.

Your morning commute takes an hour by train normally, but it’s raining hard today and the platform is packed. So you stand on the concrete ground in your nice but hard office shoes for your train, which has been delayed. When it arrives, everyone rushes on, and you find yourself standing in the aisle of a train car packed tighter than a can of sardines, and you have yet to give your back a rest. You stand for an hour, walk to work, and finally get to sit at your desk and take a load off your feet, but your back, your poor back, is still tense as you slouch in your seat, doing whatever it is office workers do. When your day is done, it’s another hour of standing, maybe a couple of hours of slouching and walking, and then off to bed on an overpriced mattress that your aunt insisted would be perfect for balancing your energies and fixing your back pain. It did not.


The OMG Mattress can’t come along with you on your morning commute to make it more comfortable, or to the office to help with whatever it is office workers do, but it will make sure you’re well-rested and ready to tackle all of the challenges of the day with a back that isn’t in pain. The medium-firm memory foam of the OMG Mattress is the best solution for relieving back pain, especially if you sleep on your back, which is recommended by professionals. Take a load off and order one of our mattresses online. Don’t worry about hurting your back getting it home either, because we deliver right to your doorstep. 


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