Best Mattress To Buy in Canada in 2024 Based on Best Selling Brands

Best Mattress To Buy in Canada in 2024 Based on Best Selling Brands

According to Statista’sStatista’s research of industry and market, most mattress manufacturing companies in Canada come from Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta. Based on their statistics, the market will increase by 5.87% each year till 2026. That shows that people in Canada seek the right mattress for a good night’s sleep. 

There are a variety of brands available on the market, and perhaps that is why most people get confused by the selection. If you are here to find out the best mattress to buy in Canada, we have compiled a list of brands and mattress types to help you narrow down your search. 

What is the Best Mattress to Buy in Canada?

Mattresses are such a particular topic because we are different even while sleeping. In truth, people seldom think about the quality of the mattress until they start waking up additionally tired than when they go to bed. That is a clear sign that the mattress was the wrong choice. 

When you look at medical advice, most experts recommend semi-firm mattresses because they support all the points of pressure on the body, making a person rest well during the night. The majority of upscale hotels use semi-firm beds in their rooms. They can be hybrid, innerspring, or memory foam mattresses. Add the clean smell of detergent, and you have yourself a sleeping oasis. 

However, there are individual differences among many types of sleepers in real life, including weight, health issues, and even a partner. So how do you make this tricky choice of choosing the best mattress to buy in Canada? There is no other way than walking into a store and trying them. Aside from that, the store staff can help you find the best mattress for yourself. So do not be one of those people who bought the most affordable mattress online without even trying them out. Why? Because you might be in that group that regretted it later while dealing with back pain issues. 

Good Mattress Always Matters

Based on our in-store and online reviews, we suggest some of the most popular mattresses in our shop. Although each brand has different types of mattresses that can be an excellent option for each sleeper, we have divided them into a generalized group based on statistics of use. So, don’t be afraid to explore the shop for the best mattress to buy in Canada. 

Comfortable yet Designed for All Kinds of Sleepers – Tempur Pedic

Tempur Pedic is a US-based mattress company existing for well over three decades. They are well known for memory foam layers in the beds. Tempur Pedic uses memory foam properties to relieve pressure points during the night. That is the reason why these mattresses are popular with side sleepers. However, as they often stay in one position during the night, they wake up with a feeling of pain in the hips, back, or shoulders. Tempur Pedic mattress helps alleviate that pain by using the technology of multiple layers of memory foam. 

Tempur Pedic is one of our best-selling mattresses in the store. For example, Tempur-Pedic Pro-Perform Firm Mattress offers temperature control properties for sleepers with heat problems. It has a Tempur-APR Comfort Layer that relieves pressure from all the crucial points on the body. Unlike many mattresses, it has a removable cover making it easy to wash it without a headache of stains. 

Canadian Made Mattress for Back and Front Sleepers – Beautyrest 

Beautyrest is a Toronto-based company and a very competitive brand to US-based companies. With Beautyrest, there is always a choice for everyone. Most of their products are medium to a firm, making them appropriate for front and back sleepers. This is especially true for more immense people who sleep on their backs, as the extra weight causes their spine to sink further into the mattress.

Their mattresses are known for high-end thickness, and the Beautyrest Black line is one of the most popular mattresses available. It has been rated as the best for back and neck pain, as it combines different technologies for comfort. For example, AirCool Gel Infused Memory Foam is a material that helps with heat dispersion. In addition, the core has pocket coils that help relieve the pain by taking pressure off points such as the shoulders, neck, ribs, and hips. 

Eco-friendly consumers will be happy to know that it has eco-friendly materials made from a rubber tree that reduces sleep interruptions and improves blood circulation. The natural substance also resists bacteria, mold, and dust mites. 

More Affordable Choice – Sealy Cocoon Classic 

Sealy is also an American brand with a long 130 years of tradition. Their current line, Cocoon, is made for comfort and yet a more affordable choice for consumers. It is packaged as a mattress in a box that seems prevalent recently. 

It is made of premium synthetic foam that reduces the pain in all the pressure points. It provides the needed support while preventing the sinking feeling. It has a cover that is breathable, durable, and provides a sense of softness. 

The Sealy Cocoon line comes in an extra firm and medium soft variants. So how firm is it? Many people would describe it as pretty firm, so it might not find an audience with people who like very soft mattresses. However, when you press down on the bed, it has a certain level of stiffness before shaping itself to your body. 

Conclusion – Finding the Best Mattress to Buy in Canada

Selecting the best mattress to buy in Canada that performs well does not have to be complicated. Knowing specific crucial details enables you to establish your priorities, narrow down your selections, and choose the finest mattress for yourself and your partner. Canadians don’t have a shortage of mattress alternatives, weather mattresses made in Canada and those imported. In addition, there are plenty of online stores to choose from. However, there is a certain degree of shopping experience and making the right choice if you visit your local or preferred mattress store.


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